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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Saritha Marino

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3 Reviews on “Saritha Marino”

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  • Andrea

    The absolute BEST ! I had such a clam birthing experience due to all the techniques Saritha taught me ! She helped me through every step of pregnancy and especially on delivery day ! HIGHLY recommend !

  • Mariah

    Saritha was an essential person in my pregnancy! I had a lot of fears about childbirth, having had a bad experience the first time, and she helped me a lot, with all her calm, positivity, knowledge! It was a much more peaceful and enjoyable experience thanks to her! I highly recommend

  • Renata

    I was living the pregnancy of my second child, in my first childbirth I had a doula supporting me, but in this childbirth I decided not to have, I already had a lot of knowledge (experience) of my first childbirth, but I would like live the full experience again.
    Taking the course was fundamental to empower me with knowledge, know myself and especially understand my fears and my strength, in addition to learning all phases of childbirth.
    The course unites everything that has the best for family, unites the mother and baby, mother and her partner, unites mother with herself in her deepest.
    Breathing, visualization, childbirth and postpartum information, no matter what type of childbirth do you want, this course empowers us as a woman and mother.
    my gratitude to Saritha who will always be part of our history, the childbirth of my Aurora.

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