Fourth Trimester & Breastfeeding

The Golden Month

Maybe your baby is already born and you are navigating the new challenges of parenthood or you are simply planning ahead and learning all there is to know about breastfeeding and making a smooth transition into this next chapter of your life. This first month after birth is a unique time in life and is often referred to as the Golden Month. These first weeks should be approached with extra special care as they are going to set the stage for your breastfeeding journey and your bond with your new baby. 

During The Golden Month, a new mom should stay close to home and focus on resting, nurturing, and nutrition. The outside world can be overstimulating for a newborn and overwhelming for a new parent. Instead, spend time caring for your healing body, feeding yourself and the baby, and allowing yourself and your baby to get to know one another.


Breastfeeding is natural, normal, and healthy. That doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone. Every breastfeeding woman could benefit from support and affirmations that build confidence in their intuition and their breastfeeding body.

Parents who are pregnant or breastfeeding commonly ask lots of questions and look for reassurance and support along the way. The reality is that breastfeeding requires lots of patience, practice, and support.

Get answers to some of the most common breastfeeding questions, such as “Is baby getting enough milk?

Hypnosis Recording for Breastfeeding

Just as breathing techniques, proper nutrition, and visualization exercises can help parents in preparation for and during birth, hypnosis can also provide benefits to breastfeeding parents. A time that requires great patience and trust, our Hypnosis track for Breastfeeding and Post Natal Support recording can provide many benefits for breastfeeding/chestfeeding parents during this time. Parents can listen to this recording before birth to prepare for the breastfeeding journey as well a while feeding their newborn baby.


The Fourth Trimester is a time of transition and transition goes best when there is an abundance of patience, confidence, and support. You may consider reaching out to your HypnoBirthing Educator or searching our directory for a Postpartum Doula. Additionally, La Leche League is another international organization with lots of resources, information, and support for breastfeeding parents. Lastly, if you are struggling with feeding, you can reach out to a Certified Lactation Consultant or your general practitioner for assistance.

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