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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Miriam Torres

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  • Natalie

    I took the virtual Hypnobirthing class with Miriam as the instructor and really appreciated her approach in sharing the information and keeping it relevant to the BIPOC audience. She has a wealth of knowledge that also added a lot to the class and I appreciated her holding space for me during the class as she would for the other participants too. This is my second birth and I am really glad to have taken this course taught by Miriam, I have created for myself more of an ability to relax and feel more confident in myself that I can stay relaxed during my birth. All thanks to Miriam! I highly recommend her class.

  • Janet C

    I attended Miriam’s Hypnobirthing class and it was so warm and welcoming. She has a very supportive approach and is highly knowledgeable in the work she does. Her skills are so good, I literally almost fell asleep during one of the hypnobirthing exercises (fear release). She provides summaries via email at the end of each class which are super helpful for staying on track and has a wealth of resources to share. I highly recommend her classes!

  • Teryn Mc

    Incredible instructor, Miriam took the time to answer questions while ensuring we remained on schedule with coursework.

    By the end of the Hypnobirthing class, my partner and I had the confidence to change from hospital birth to a safe and informed home birth.

    So grateful for Miriam!

  • Lauren Wyman

    What an outstanding class. Miriam is a fantastic instructor and birth worker. This class was exactly what I was looking for and what I wanted for my husband as well. We watched tons of birth videos and were able to see what a peaceful physiological birth can look like. It was a huge eye-opener for my husband and I am very grateful for that. This class encompasses hypnobirthing techniques with understanding your emotions & birth expectations, education on the physiology & anatomy of the body, deep breathing, nervous system regulation techniques, movement, & nutrition, and facilitates deep empowerment in the mother as well as the partner. There’s also a lot of education about modern Western medicine modalities which is what you would expect from a typical birthing class, but I was so grateful for the holistic & alternative approaches to pain management, and a deeper understanding of our mind-body connection. Miriam is unbelievingly kind & open to any questions you have. Highly recommend this class.

  • Taegum

    Very helpful and inspiring. Highly recommend her class.

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