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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Ethel L. Gallardo Zegers

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3 Reviews on “Ethel L. Gallardo Zegers”

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  • Sarah Cleland

    We did the hypnobirthing course with Ethel a few months ago and the result was the birth I wanted for my second baby. Ethel is kind and warm, I loved our classes (and the snacks) where she made me and my husband feel welcome and filled us with the confidence we needed to create the birth we wanted. She was very caring in her approach to sharing the information we needed. After having a C-section with my first I was focused on a VBAC with my second and I truely believe I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the guidance and information from this hypnobirthing course. Ethel also empowered my husband to be the excellent birth partner that he came to be, and the course helped him understand more about the important role he had to play. I highly recommend Soul Treat!!

  • Antonio

    Incredible experience!

    Ethel is a very professional and passionate person about Hypnobirthing and her classes were such an amazing way to start our way to understand what is coming and how to be prepared for it.
    Now we feel really positive ,empowered and
    we really know what we want for our birthing experience.

    We are very thankful of having Ethel in our first baby experience.

    Thank you very much !

  • Magali Gerardi

    We did the Hypnobirthing course with Ethel a few months ago, and now we have our baby with us. The whole process since we decided to start Hypnobirthing until now was really positive and empowering. We had a beautiful birth experience and bonded beautifully with our baby.
    I highly recommend the Hypnobirthing course as it made me feel more in control and confident about what I wanted from my birthing experience. We are super thankful that we decided to do this course with Ethel. She is an excellent professional and super passionate about Hypnobirthing. She presented the course with a lot of enthusiasm and made us feel confident and calm with our approach to birth. I believe that all the information and techniques learned with Ethel helped us to be more in control of what we wanted and also feel more relaxed as parents.
    Ethel presented the course in her beautiful place in Otumoetai and provided really valuable information for us. We enjoyed every single class.
    Thank you Ethel for being part of this process and for making us achieve a beautiful birth experience.

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