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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Alicia Sargent-Gravener

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6 Reviews on “Alicia Sargent-Gravener”

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  • Jenni

    Alicia is an amazing hypnobirthing teacher. She taught us that a calm and empowered birth is possible. She helped prepare us for what to expect and how to navigate the unexpected. Not only does she know the material well, she’s so passionate about it! I can’t recommend Alicia enough as a source of support throughout your pregnancy.

  • Julia

    We loved the class and its techniques but really appreciated Alicia’s patience, nurturing and understanding. She made the class something that we looked forward to and we really felt supported by her.

  • Cassidy

    My husband and I took a hypnobirthing course with Alicia and I can’t say enough good things about it! I highly recommend hypnobirthing and Alicia as a mentor. I originally looked at birth timid and scared. After working with Alicia she had given me a new level of self confidence and calmness. I have a great visual of what my birth plan looks like and actually look forward to meeting my baby (rather then scared of the day). I was given so many different techniques to utilize during labor to remain calm and empowered. I am now strong, confident, and calm looking forward to that day. I have a peaceful mindset that my body was created for this. (Thanks Alicia!). If your looking for a positive, relaxed, and empowered mindset of birth Alicia is your girl!

  • Jillian

    When I found out I was pregnant I thought I would be so anxious and stressed but it was actually the opposite- I was incredibly calm and so confident. Something from within told me everything would be ok if I enjoy each day, relax and stay calm! I loved absolutely every part of pregnancy but what made it so much more wonderful is meeting Alicia and doing her hypnobirthing classes with my boyfriend. Alicia is literally one of a kind and absolutely amazing from her calm voice to her teaching techniques. Marty and I loved how she genuine cared about us and our story- it wasn’t just a class for her to instruct. She went out of her way to text us positive thoughts, check in on us and even talk me through tough moments at the end during labor! She is so knowledgeable and we were so comfortable to ask her anything- she always had a thoughtful answer! When it came to the labor I had to be induced which was against my plan but like Alicia always said the goal is to “have a calm birth no matter what turn it takes- you CAN have a calm birth.” Those words were so meaningful and traveled through my pregnancy and into the delivery room. I constantly said those words in my head and listened to the rainbow affirmation. I had a supportive boyfriend, guiding me with the different breathing techniques and reminding me of my positive calm visualizations that we developed together with Alicia. A 30 hour labor was still beautiful and calm and lead to the absolutely most perfect little being. Our little girl was delivered completely in the amniotic sac (mermaid baby) and completely calm. No crying, went straight to breast feeding and looked her father straight in the eyes. That calmness is what we wanted to achieve- thank you so much Alicia for guiding us to that most special moment of seeing our baby girl for the first time! You are the best!

  • Libby

    Both my husband and I cannot have enough good things to say about Alicia and our experience with hypnobirthing thanks to her! It was important to us that we both be involved, so we loved the fact that we each had our role in the whole process. My husband was like a coach, reminding me to stay calm and breathe with every surge just like she taught us! Her classes changed my entire perspective on pregnancy and childbirth and left me with a newfound confidence that carried over flawlessly when it came time to have my healthy baby boy. My labor was on and off for 3 days and I managed to make it to nearly 8cm with back labor naturally and was completely calm the entire time. I strongly believe that my experience with pregnancy and childbirth would have been very different had it not been for the methods she taught us. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable but extremely kind as well! I felt totally comfortable reaching out with questions when I had them and she also checked in with us from time to time, both before and after delivery which meant a lot to us. I’ve been recommending her to every expecting momma I know. Do yourself a favor and choose Alicia’s classes!

  • Victoria

    A must for all expectant moms. Whether it’s your first baby or fifth or like me, you will discover more about yourself and your birth preferences than you thought you already knew. Alicia will guide you through all of the stages of birth including preparation. During this journey, she will help you navigate what your birth truly will become through visualization and channeling the energies you will manifest for your perfect delivery. My last pregnancy went very different from my others. Nothing about my birthing experience went as planned, but having and utilizing the techniques Alicia taught me helped me stay calm and work through the trials and tribulations of a very unexpected birthing process. Through the chaos of frantic birth workers, I maintained my visualizations, breath work and delivered a healthy 9.5lb baby naturally. Since things didn’t go as expected due to health complications, my home birth expectations ended up as a hospital birth. Alicia reached out and helped guide me through The process of making peace with the mourning of my preferred experience. It truly was cathartic and instrumental in helping me recover. I can’t rave enough about Alicia and this program. Her random midweek breath work reminder text messages always came at just the right time. 😉

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