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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Loreal James

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  • Ashanti & Jesus Esquivel

    Loreal! Just an absolutely beautifully incredible human being. Loreal was our hypnobirthing instructor and also our doula. As a first time mom, I didn’t know what to expect during labor and other experiences I heard about were mostly horrendous and traumatic. I wanted to have more control over my birth experience. Hypnobirthing course was extremely informative, it really helped prepare us for labor. Determine what we wanted, gaining knowledge about my body and what’s actually happening during the process, tips for natural induction, breathing techniques, relaxation exercises and comfort exercises my husband and I could practice. Loreal was extremely knowledgeable, hands on, flexible and patient with us. I highly recommend this course with Loreal. And if you’re looking for a Doula…she’s absolutely marvelous. Thank you for everything!

  • Michaela lofland

    Loreal was my doula and hypnobirthing instructor with my son, and her role was vital in our experience! Over the course of my pregnancy we were able to build a relationship and connection that made her not just a resource during labor but apart of it. Her connection with my family as a whole was comforting and empowering, we all leaned on her and needed her presence. She is so passionate, knowledgeable and caring, we learned so much and felt prepared and excited for the journey! With her guidance, I felt in control, powerful, Calm and serene even when the waves were at peak intensity as I worked to bring baby earth side. My husband knew exactly how to be an active participant and she also included our toddler, which was so special for us! Her use of essential oils, tenz unit, breathing and tension relief were so helpful with alternative relief as things progressed. Also, thanks to hypnobirthing with loreal I had worked through previous birth trauma, manifested what I wanted this birth to look and feel like, our birthing space and listened to my body and what it needed through the waves. Looking back on my experience I feel a deep emotional connection to loreal and the respect, tenderness and care she showed me. I hope everyone gets to feel the joy I felt through labor delivery and post partum! She is truly a genuine soul, so encouraging, supportive and kind!

  • Kasey Schaefer

    This was my first pregnancy and I heard all the horror stories of birth (even when you don’t ask & ask for positive stories only) you are going to hear “omg it hurts” “just wait…” etc… all I have to say is your mind and body are way more powerful than you think or give credit to. You can really do anything you set your mind to, what you prepare for, and what you are passionate about. Loreal provided all the resources I needed to meet my goals and she helped guide, support, educate, and encourage me thoughout the process. I will say in my next pregnancy I will be absolutely calling Loreal again and doing a hypnobirthing refresher.
    My husband and I did the individual hypnobirthing & the prenatal classes. This helped my husband a lot getting used to what occurs in labor & what to expect. My husband is a scared of needles, blood, & hospitals kinda guy and having him watch videos, get educated on birth, and learn how to support in birth made him an amazing and supportive spouse during labor. Loreal made him so comfortable and made the process easy for him and didn’t try to throw too much at him outright in each class. She also learned how he wanted to be guided in labor. She was so supportive and makes each birth plan specific to the individual and couple. After each session my husband and I would do our “homework” in birth preparation. I was good with listening to my hypnobirthing affirmations during the day and rainbow relaxation when going to sleep. I was worried I was not prepared but Loreal knew I was and when I went into labor I knew I was ready as well. My labor lasted around 24 hours and during the entire labor I was aware, stayed in control of my breathing, and stayed relatively pain free. I utilized the tens unit Loreal provided, positions & stretches we learned, and I took baths & showers during labor. All of those things and what I learned with hypnobirthing classes made my birthing process exactly how I hoped it would be for my natural non-medicated birth. Anytime I let tension in my head Loreal was there to touch my forehead to remind me to relax. She was a guide of light and support during the entire process. My surges ranged from lasting 2-4 minutes with a 1-2 minute break and there was not a time during my labor that I thought there was too high of a level of pain or that I didn’t think I could do it. Funny enough I kept waiting for all the things I was told by others where I would “lose control” or “the ring of fire” and I never experienced either of those so I was surprised that my baby was almost here since I didn’t experience those. My body is strong and powerful and Loreal was there to help encourage me through that process. I would highly encourage everyone to have a supportive doula like Loreal and do hypnobirthing classes for your mind and body.

  • Lara Durand

    Loreal is THE BEST! We had private hypnobirthing classes with her and she was so empathic and knowledgeable. Our 6 year old daughter loved the classes too! She was so supportive during the classes and during birth. I honestly think I couldn’t have done it without her. Birth was nothing like I expected but it was everything I needed and wanted and Loreal made that possible. She became a part of our story and I can’t imagine it any other way.
    From the moment we met her me and my husband both felt we clicked with her and she understood exactly what we wanted, and I felt she understood my fears and anxieties around birth and she made us feel empowered.
    I didn’t think I needed a doula and now I would not go through another birth without Loreal, she is truly the best.

  • Chelsi M

    We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Loreal was super helpful and informative during our Hypnobirthing classes. The knowledge that she shared with us led to an easier birthing experience. Not only was she super flexible with time/schedules , but she was also very friendly. You can tell she truly cares about the families she works with. Loreal has an amazing loving soul. It will be a blessing to have her by your side!

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