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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Ana Gabriela Flores

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  • Christy Mwabo

    I LOVED this course! Ana made the content enjoyable and easy for my husband to understand and both of us to process. I really appreciated the inclusion of my husband throughout the course. Ana’s encouragement towards BOTH of us made us feel so special and loved. She was able to tailor the course to our specific needs and differing experience level with birth. The book and workbook were invaluable parts of the course as well. Learning different techniques to help ease my anxiety (not just around this birth!) has helped keep me calm in my post partum period.

    Honestly, I still wasn’t sure I would be able to have an unmedicated birth after finishing the course. i continued saying the written positive affirmations (and listening to the recorded affirmations and rainbow relaxation). My husband encouraged me before labor and had confidence in my body. Heck, Ana had more confidence in me than I had in myself!! Her encouraging reminders were instrumental to my birthing process. And. I. Did. It!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Being a birth professional AND having had one child already, I felt like knew the ins & outs of birth. I however did not feel like I was capable of having a peaceful or gentle birth. With an out of hospital birth being my goal, I knew I needed help to navigate the pain and hard work my body would be going through to bring our kiddo earthside.

    I recommend Ana to everyone!

  • Jennifer Evansq

    I loved working with Ana, she was very personable, flexible, and I appreciated that she is bilingual. Ana’s background, both within education and culturally, really helped me overcome some family obstacles. She was also really patient with my skeptical husband.

    What really stands out about Ana is her follow up – she consistently checked up on us postpartum and offered many resources. I’m honored to now consider her a friend and part of my new “Mom” identity.

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