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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Debbie Garcia

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Harmonious Childbirth is a Southern California based business bringing HypnoBirthing®, lactation, and general childbirth education classes to families seeking a calm and gentle birth and postpartum. The program is built on HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method, created by late founder Marie F. Mongan, which considers the physical and psychological well-being of the mother, birth partner, and baby no matter if you are planning on delivering at home, a birth center, or a hospital.

All Harmonious Childbirth class offerings are a rewarding, relaxing, and refreshing way to prepare for a positive birth and beyond.

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  • Katelyn

    Hypno birthing gave me the confidence I needed to attempt a vbac and labor at home. I was able to get from 2cm dialated to 10cm and fully effaced when I arrived at the birthing center. I was able to endure my entire labor in the comfort of my home with my husband and I felt empowered as I listened to my body guiding me through the process of bringing my daughter earthside. Even with a hospital transfer in the middle of the birthing phase I never once felt out of control and was able to remain calm and was accepting of the circumstances around us, trusting that my body knew what to do. After arriving at the hospital, I was able to deliver my daughter naturally with my nurses before the OB arrived, making my birth the first vbac for the hospital. I truly have never felt so empowered by the strength of my body and it’s abilities. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for Debbie Garcia and the tools that she has given me to be able to have such a healing birth. After my first birth I wasnt sure if I’d be able to do this without any interventions, but hypno birthing truly gave me the tools I needed to accomplish this. I am beyond blessed and transformed from this experience and am genuinely looking forward to my next birth whenever that may be.

  • Kayla

    I chose to participate in Hypnobirthing because I wanted to go into my daughters birth with confidence, without fear, and completely prepared for whatever path our birth took. Debbie helped me do just that! Going into a hospital birth I knew I would need to be prepared and informed for any path our birth took. After participating in Debbie’s classes I was able to express my wishes with confidence to the labor delivery nurses and doctors. I felt completely relaxed and empowered during the birth of my daughter. I highly recommend Hypnobirthing to any expectant mamas. Debbie went above and beyond to make sure we were getting everything we hoped to out of the classes. She checked in to see how we were and if there was anything we needed after the classes had finished and after our birth even though she had just birthed her own child! She truly cares about her clients and is a wonderful facilitator.

  • Andrea

    I signed up for courses with Debbie to prepare for my first baby’s birth, with the plan of having a natural birth. Debbie is a very kind presence and great teacher. I felt really cared for during the whole process. She did a great job of involving my husband too. Thanks to hypnobirthing, I was able to have a natural birth and stay calm throughout my labor and delivery, in spite of complications that came up. I think the months prior to my daughter’s delivery were the most relaxed I’ve ever experienced, despite it being during a pandemic! In fact at one point during delivery the midwife suggested turning off the meditation track because I was “too relaxed” and labor was slowing down (a problem because of the complications)! My labor began about 9 pm/12am, and I also surprised the midwives by going from 0 cm dilated at 2pm on Sunday, with no labor started, to 10 cm on arrival when I returned at 8am Monday morning. My husband and I were surprised too because I had handled labor so well overnight and even slept a little, we thought we’d still have a ways to go before we were ready to push! If I have another baby I would definitely do hypnobirthing again. I definitely recommend Debbie as a teacher.

  • Student

    This course was really informative, and it greatly helped me in getting control of my body as well as obtaining a greater understanding of it. It also allowed me to block out all of my negative thoughts. Debbie is a joy to be around, full of positive energy and enthusiasm. She is a fantastic facilitator who genuinely cares about the people she works with. I’m glad I went ahead and signed up for Debbie’s class.

  • Zen

    We were so happy to have taken Debbie’s virtual hypnobirthing class! Debbie was so accommodating with the scheduling and we were lucky to have a very intimate class with just one other couple. Debbie was very professional, always on time and showed up with great energy, even though she herself was pregnant with her 3rd kid! She was very knowledgeable and informative and was always able to answer our questions. She also tried to make the class fun by incorporating games and collaborative time. My favorite part was watching the hypnobirthing videos and our group discussions afterwards. Ultimately you have to make time to practice hypnobirthing at home, but I loved that my partner could participate and learn the modalities and tools in class with me. We had a successful non-medicated homebirth experience using the hypnobirthing recordings and knowledge learned from class. Overall a great experience and would highly recommend Debbie!

  • Joelle

    We did a private hypnobirthing class with Debbie over zoom which worked really well for us. Immediately I could see that Debbie was very knowledgeable and believed in this process 100%, which was helpful as my husband was a little skeptical in the beginning. She was a kind, compassionate teacher and gave us the tools we needed to bring our baby boy into the world in the most beautiful way. Eight months later, I still think about the day and the moments he was born with such JOY and gratitude. I was not in terrible pain, I was not wishing for it to be over, and I was not fearful, like I was with the birth of my first baby. I was in control of my mind and let my body and baby do the rest. We did a hospital birth- and when a nurse told me to push I had to “pretend” because I knew so fully that I didn’t need to! He just came right on out, before we even made it to the delivery room 🙂 I am truly eternally grateful for Debbie as our teacher and for hypnobirthing for the beautiful experience it gave to me, my husband and my son.

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