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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Mithra Sandeep

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  • Friederike

    We loved Mithra’s support in our pregnancy and birth. The classes were very informative and well conducted and gave us a chance to experience the pregnancy in a more mindful way. This was my second birth and hypnobirthing made such a huge difference in how I experienced it, a lot easier, more peaceful and overall such a beautiful experience for which I will always be grateful. We decided to have Mithra with is as our doula as well and her presence and support was a real blessing. Highly recommend her!

  • Tyler

    Thank you Angels for Mithra… short version: every mother-to-be needs Hypnobirthing and there’s no better teacher than Mithra Hari, you won’t regret it. Long version: Early this year I became pregnant. I had a clear idea that I wanted a “natural” birth, however as a first time mum I really didn’t know what that entailed and how to go about achieving this in a country which relies heavily on medical births with high C-section rates where the mother doesn’t have a lot of say in it, this terrified me and left me confused and nervous. Then I came across HypnoBirthing and the wonderful, warm, Mithra. From our first conversation I knew she was the one to help me achieve my birth dreams. Something that was important to me was that my husband was aware of the birth I wanted, and how he could be involved too.
    The Hypnobirthing classes were extremely helpful, starting with the physiological understanding of labour and birth, our first class going way over time due to our one million questions, however we never felt rushed, and we were immediately excited about the next few months.
    Mithra was patient and supportive every session. Making sure we had all questions answered and felt fully prepared for the journey ahead. Learning Hypnobirthing from Mithra was fundamental to my positive birth experience, I could trust she was deeply passionate and knowledgeable about birth and the birth I envisioned.
    I wish every birthing mother had the opportunity to go through what we did with Mithra. I am forever grateful!

  • Amrutha Varsha

    Positive affirmations and training the subconscious, two of the most powerful yet underrated tools to help one through any scenario, not just birthing! I just finished my hypnobirthing classes with Mithra and it was a wonderful eye opener for both my husband and I! We loved the sessions and how calm and prepared it has made us through the various tools that she has provided us with. Not only that, she is a wonderful human being and possesses a sense of confidence and a happy aura, so much so that we have decided to hire her doula services to be with us at the hospital! We as parents feel empowered with the knowledge imparted to us and would like to pass on our heartfelt thanks and recommendations to anyone looking out for hypnobirthing services!

  • Niharika Gudadur

    A doula’s support cannot be emphasized enough during labour and Mithra as a doula played a pivotal role in ensuring my labour went smoothly. She continuously encouraged me to remain calm and provided me with the strength to endure a 14 hour labour.I did not shed a tear despite painful contractions. She ensured my birth would be the most special and memorable experience of my life. Thank you Mithra 🙂

  • Niharika Gudadur

    All thanks to Mithra, I was able to achieve my dream of a calm and natural birth. Her hypnobirthing classes were like a guiding light throughout my pregnency and helped me to a great extent during and after labour. I couldn’t have asked for a better person who played the role of a friend, guide, educator and a birthing partner. I am using the techniques taught by her not only for birth but in life to make myself calm in tense situations. It’s definitely a life skill

  • Sakina

    When you work with Mithra, you not only engage a hypnobirthing educator, you end up finding a friend, guide, a soul coach and of course an expert. When I started out, I had no idea about how to manage my pregnancy, what am I getting into. Mithra , through her confidence in the subject really makes you own the experience like a sailor in the ship. I found myself taking charge of the experience, though things went up and down due to my health, I knew I’ve got it in me thanks to her sessions. She guided me emotionally, through the physical exercises and examples of her own experience. I am glad I took the course up with her and I would do this again. Thank you Mithra.

  • Reena

    Mithra has helped clear my doubts and prepared me for all my doctors appointments she would give me briefs as to what’s going to come next which is super helpful if your person who likes to be prepared. She also helped me cope up and understand what’s happening with my body at every stage of my pregnancy, with her experiences with so many mothers she was able to give me tips and tricks in order to understand and cope up with different experiences during my pregnancy. My family can’t thank her enough for being a part of our experience.

  • Shawna Berg

    I had a wonderful experience taking the hypnobirthing course with Mithra! She posesses excellent communication and listening skills, and she made me feel comfortable each step of the way. Because of my positive experience, I have hired Mithra as our doula to accompany us to the hospital. I highly recommend her services!

  • Sanma Shetty

    Mithra Hari from Serene Births was one of the best things to happen to me during my pregnancy. With a baby born during Covid in May 2020, the Hypnobirthing practises with Mithra is what kept me positive and sane through the pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. She is an amazing childbirth educator and hand holds you through your entire journey. I owe my empowering and a very positive natural childbirth of my baby girl to her! Highly recommend her for Hypnobirthing ❤️

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