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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Estee Nadav

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  • Kay

    Hypnobirthing class is very informative and essential to get you and your partner ready for birth and post partum! It gives you the tools you need to eliminate the fear-pain cycle and to allow you to use deep relaxations to help calm your body down to allow you to birth natural and instinctually. It also prepares your birth partner on how to support you during labor and delivery. Estee is a great instructor, I would highly recommend her classes.

    You wouldn’t just running a marathon without training so why would you go into labor and delivery without being prepared with knowledge and tools to help you through it!

    Trust me, you have to take this class so you feel well-prepared!

  • Meir Benshimon

    Attending Estee Nadav’s hypno birthing class was an absolute game-changer for me and my partner! Estee’s expertise and passion for empowering expectant parents shone through every session. Her calming presence and clear explanations made learning about hypno birthing techniques enjoyable and accessible. Not only did we feel more prepared for the birthing process, but we also gained valuable tools for relaxation and managing stress. Estee’s genuine care and support extended beyond the classroom, providing personalized guidance and reassurance. I highly recommend her class to anyone seeking a positive, empowering birthing experience. Thank you, Estee, for equipping us with the confidence and skills we needed for our journey into parenthood!

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