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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Karen Aubin

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  • Mariane

    Karen is a compassionate, kind and approchable instructor. She is very knowledgeable in hypnobirthing and went the extra mile to provide me with many helpful resources.

    Extremely grateful to have meet her and would highly recommend her to others!!!


  • Els & Denis

    Karen is a compassionate and caring instructor and was always willing to work with us and do what was best for us. We appreciate her presence in our life during the short time span and the peace she brought to us during these classes.

  • Margaret Winn

    Karen’s calm way of communicating is the perfect match for the content of this course. She makes a fantastic instructor, one who is warm and thoughtful and goes the extra mile to impart the content of the HB course. It is truly a life-changing course in that it gives you the tools to navigate intense life experiences in a calm and focused way. I was able to give birth to my daughter gently and on my own terms, despite what was going on around me, things I had little control over. It gave me a sense that I could trust my body and it reaffirmed for me that I’m part of the miracle of nature. I am so lucky to have had the chance to take this course, and to have taken in with Karen was a total bonus!

  • Karen was a great instructor. She was caring and calm and offered way more support than we expected.

    I suffer from extreme anxiety and fear related to medical setting. Hypnobirthing classes were recommended by my midwife as a way to cope with my fears of delivery. Karen and the program greatly reduced my anxiety, gave my husband tools to help me relax and helped us both feel empowered and in control of the situation.
    Kristine Shah and Anuj

  • We truly enjoyed taking the course with you. We learned a wealth of knowledge that we can apply to other aspects of our lives and tapped into an optimal zone of peace and bliss that we are working towards mastering.

    We cross paths with certain people in life intentionally and they serve to teach you, help you and be a guide and you were all those for us as at a very special time in our lives. I went through a period of hesitation, doubt and lack of self confidence and taking your classes brought me back to my empowered place again.
    Ranim & Tyler O’Brien

  • Emma & Blais Welsh Listing Owner

    Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!  It was so weird not to connect with you today… our sessions had become such a source of connection and inspiration that fed us for the week. 

    We cannot thank you enough for what you have done.  This has changed our lives, and I see the benefits every day in our connection with the little one inside me and our two babies here.  I was so scared when I first realized I was pregnant again.  I literally Googled “scared shitless about birth” (sorry about the swearing).  But it brought me to you!!!  And to this course!  Thank you universe.

    Please feel free to quote me.  I am going to be telling EVERYONE about you and this course.  I cannot wait to write the next chapter!  But we’ll be reaching out before then to set up another session for sure.

    *Our HypnoBirthing experience defied all our expectations!  It is a life-changing course that should be mandated into our health and wellness systems.  We came across it in our third pregnancy, knowing we needed to heal from past experiences and misconceptions about birth.  I am so glad we found it!  Better late than never.  It has completely changed me as a woman, as a mother and as a partner.  I have reconnected with this magic, intuitive female spirit whose access has been denied to us through our education, media and cultural beliefs about birth.  Reclaim your power!  I will be telling everyone I know about this course.  It is also an amazing way to connect with your partner (and baby of course!) and beautifully celebrates and empowers the birth partner in their role.

    **Karen is absolutely amazing!  She is a fantastic instructor: thorough, thoughtful and sensitive.  We felt so comfortable with her from the very beginning of the course.  Her calm presence can be felt even through the screen.  Having birthed twice before, we came to her with lots of baggage.  She was so understanding and was able to personalize the material to address our previous experiences and our needs.  We experienced profound healing in her hands, beyond all expectations associated with a birthing course.  It is clear that the natural birth community is her tribe, and she is meant to be ushering women into their intuitive, fundamental selves.  We cannot express how grateful we are to have been her clients.  If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with her, jump on it!
    Emma & Blais Welsh

  • Laura & Nathan Martin Listing Owner

    We are so grateful for the time that you spent with us in helping us feel much more confident about labour and delivery. You have completely changed the narrative we previously held about what birth looks like to a very positive, calm, gentle, and empowered vision. 

    We thoroughly enjoyed all the practical elements of the classes, as well as the core foundations and information found in the book. We have been practicing our affirmations daily, and I have been listening to the rainbow relaxation a few times a week (I’ll be increasing that in my third trimester!). I find myself using the Calm Breath almost daily – I so appreciate all the hypnobirthing tools and techniques that can be applied even outside of labour. 

    Your kindness, approachability, and humour really made the course enjoyable. Your experience as a doula was also very helpful in highlighting some practical tips or observations. You have provided us with many helpful resources, visualizations, and affirmations, but most importantly – so much confidence. We are so very glad we connected with you for this course!
    Laura & Nathan Martin

  • My husband and I greatly enjoyed learning the anatomy of birth and exactly what the body goes through to birth a child. Being able to concretely understand the stages of labor opened our eyes to how innately my body is created for birth.
    -We also greatly enjoyed the birthing videos.  Seeing the couples delivering their babies in such a calm, relaxed manner empowered me to visualize my own birth peacefully and naturally – two words I would not have used to describe birth prior to taking the Hypnobirthing course.
     -My husband stated he is grateful for how much information was presented to him to support me throughout the birth.  He felt as though the course considered the partner’s experience and important presence during the birth.
     -Overall, this course taught us to focus on positivity rather than negativity, not only related to our pregnancy and birth but overall outlook on life.  We are extremely grateful for Karen’s wonderful teaching and knowledge throughout each class.
    -Karen was a fantastic instructor.  Her calm, relaxed demeanour allowed my husband and I to thoroughly  embrace and understand the information presented. I would highly recommend her to others.

    “Prior to this course, I viewed my birth-date with feelings of anxiety and a lack of understanding. The hypnobirthing techniques and information introduced to us have allowed us to understand how my body is innately created and prepared for our baby’s birth. I would recommend this course to all new parents!”
    Christine and Josh Payer

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