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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Stacy Jordan Greenberg

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  • Audra

    Taking Stacy’s Hypnobirthing class was the best investment that I made during my pregnancy (yes, if you are wondering, her course is absolutely worth the cost)!
    I have always viewed birth as being a natural process and my dream was to have a calm birth with minimal interventions. However, most people I talked to during pregnancy weren’t supportive of natural birth. (I heard comments like “Birth is the most painful thing you’ll ever experience,” and “Don’t be a hero, just take the epidural,” more times than I can count). I wanted to feel prepared for my birth and that’s how I found the HypnoBirthing website and Stacy’s contact information. (And I am so grateful that I did!)
    Both my husband and I looked forward to meeting with Stacy each week for our Hypnobirthing sessions. We learned so much from her and she was a wonderful resource for both of us. By the end of her course, all the fears that I had about giving birth were gone and I was genuinely feeling excited about the thought of giving birth! Both my husband and I felt well-prepared with a variety of breathing techniques, visualizations and other Hypnobirthing tools in our back pocket.
    When it came time to give birth, I was able to comfortably labor at home for most of my labor. When I arrived at the hospital I was already 7cm dilated. I labored at the hospital for 6 more hours and gave birth to our 8lb 13oz miracle without an epidural. With Hypnobirthing, I never once felt like I was not in control or like I needed to ask pain medicine. My whole labor and delivery experience was so positive that I turned to my husband minutes after giving birth and told him, “I would do that again!” My OB even told me that she was really impressed with how calm I was during birth and she asked me how I had prepared. I was so excited to be able to share my Hypnobirthing experience with her!
    I couldn’t recommend Hypnobirthing with Stacy enough to anyone who is searching for a better way to birth!

  • Stacy Greenberg Listing Owner

    Hey Stacy!
    Hope all is well with you and your family 😊
    Hunter was born yesterday! 8 lbs 10 oz 20.5 inches long our perfect Hypnobirthed baby! Thank you for all the guidance you gave to us throughout all our classes. We had the most amazing birth with our little Fawn. Truly the most amazing way to bring our son into the world.
    Sent with all our love,
    Meghan, Victor, Hailey, Hunter

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