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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Corrin Marquez

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  • Elizabeth

    Hello everyone!  I hope you’re visiting Corrin’s page because you’re interested in HypnoBirthing!  I myself have not taken classes or looked into this side of birth yet,  but Corrin has helped BOTH my husband and I with a lot of information about birth itself.  We are expecting our first child, and I cannot tell you all enough how helpful talking to Corrin has been.  I don’t really have anyone to ask the normal questions you would get answered by close family,  but every concern or question I have had Corrin has been able to answer for me.  It has put my worries aside and helped give me confidence as a new mom.  If you’re planning on having someone by your side for the Hypno classes,  I would for sure recommend having her!!

  • Lexi

    Corrin is AMAZING! We just finished our 5 week Hypnobirthing course and we enjoyed every minute of it. Corrin is extremely knowledgable and her sweet personality just made the experience that much better. If you have looked into Hypnobirthing and are pursuing a calm, natural birth- take these classes! I can’t explain how much better we feel after this experience. I am confident and honestly looking forward to my daughter’s birth as opposed to fearing it. Hypnobirthing and Corrin completely changed my perspective on labor and the entire birth experience. I am so thankful we chose her! My boyfriend also loved the classes which I wasn’t sure how he was going to feel about them. Corrin and Hypnobirthing in general really focus on involving both parents and I think that was really cool for him. I know he is also looking forward to helping me through labor!

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