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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Jihan Huq

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Jihan Huq, HBCE, CHt, is a certified and experienced HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, Certified Professional Hypnotist, doula, lactation educator, and passionate birth professional based in Houston, TX.

Jihan is deeply passionate about hypnosis, community, education, and helping reduce the maternal mortality rate and birth trauma. Aside from teaching HypnoBirthing classes, Jihan teaches HypnoMothering postpartum classes and offers additional hypnosis services for preconception, medical hypnosis, and more.

Jihan values continued education and professional development to help better serve families and clients. As of today, Jihan has completed a 90-hour advanced breastfeeding course and nearly 200 hours of hypnosis training and education to further her expertise as a hypnosis practitioner.

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  • Elizabeth Linbeck

    Jihan has been such a blessing for my husband and I, as we prepare to welcome our first child. We are so grateful for the education and information we received about how to have a beautiful and positive birthing experience (despite what society told us it should look like previously). We have already applied so much of what Jihan has taught us to ensure we have a natural birth and can’t wait to apply our hypnosis techniques in just a few weeks! I highly recommend Jihan’s class to mommy’s preparing to welcome their babies! She cares so deeply and has been such an amazing part of our pregnancy journey (even after classes finished!).

  • Genevieve Horsley

    Jihan is a fantastic, passionate, well informed instructor who will give you all the time you need and hold you accountable if you need it! The course is fascinating and well worth all the birthing information even if you don’t use this method to give birth. I learned so much about all the unnecessary medical interventions and practices used by hospitals and OBGYN‘s. Using Hypnobirthing, my birthing plan, and well equipped with knowledge of my labor/delivery rights thanks to this course, I was able to have a near painless birth, leaning on my body’s natural God-given capabilities and breathing my baby out instead of pushing. Hypnobirthing allowed me to have two children in a near painless birthing experience done my way and without interventions/epidurals. I highly recommend Jihan and this Hypnobirthing course!

  • Autumn Shannon

    My husband and I took Jihan’s hypnobirth class. It was a great experience and very informative even taking it for the birth of our second child. I was able to take what I learned, put in the practice, and had a beautiful home birth. I felt safe and calm throughout labor knowing what my body was experiencing and how to use hypnosis techniques to manage through the uncomfortable sensations birth brings.

  • Katie Durrante

    Working with Sakina Birth was absolutely amazing! This was my second pregnancy and I wanted to learn more and bask in the beauty of being pregnant all the way up to the birthing experience and into 4th trimester. Jihan worked with my schedule as I work full time and had a toddler. Each of the sessions topped the one before it. I felt very prepared in getting myself to a relaxed state. It wasn’t planned but we actually did a fear release and relaxation session the night I went into labor. I got off the phone with her and within 2.5 hours had our little bundle of joy, thus she continued to support us even up until the final moments of our journey. I will recommend her class over and over to any and everybody I know who is expecting!

  • Brittney

    I suggest this class for anyone having a baby to help prepare you for the hospital staff and process if you need it. My experience is the reason women are forgoing medical births all together and laboring around supportive people. I hate this for women.

    10/10 recommend. My “why” I didn’t think I’d have to tell below.

    Hypno birthing was something I was interested in just to learn to relax while still fully prepared to have a “medical birth” in a hospital with an epidural if needed. I have a high pain tolerance by most metrics so I was open to trying with or without. So I booked my husband and I and we did the class.

    When I took the class I kinda shrugged it off as a box checked and moved on. Preparing for birth is like studying for a test you have no idea what is going to be on it. So I didn’t know if it was good, bad, or otherwise.

    My pregnancy went well and I was fully prepared for a vaginal delivery which my doctor was on board with… until my water broke at 10 am on a Friday after she had been on call for 2 weeks straight. So at 4 pm she came to my room where I was laboring and let me know she had to pass my case to the on call MD. I was ok with this as everything was going fine and everyone knew my birth “plan.”

    Well as labor progressed, during cervical checks (not as bad as everyone says in my case and I loved knowing the progress, it was super encouraging for me) my baby’s heart rate would drop but as soon as I sat up instead of laying down it would recover after this happened twice the on call doctor came in an announced we were going to have a c-section. I was caught completely off Gaurd as it would rebound quickly.

    I told the doctor I didn’t think it was necessary and I really didn’t want to go that route unless the baby was in danger. The doctor rolled her eyes and dismissed me. My husband who took the classes with me started advocating as soon as he saw how she was dismissing me and acting borderline hostile.

    She left the room and told the nurse she wanted to speak outside and left. The nurse came back in and said she would “allow” me to labor. I rolled my eyes at this point as I was quite literally laboring. At about midnight the nurse comes back in and tells me they are going to do a c-section if I’m not 10 cm by 2 am. I was furious again because I’ve labored sitting up this whole time to prevent any heart rate drops and had all cervical
    Checks sitting up which is more complex for everyone involved.

    After hearing this, I asked the nurse what the process was for firing my doctor at this point because she was making this horrible when labor is already hard enough. The nurse spoke with the charge nurse etc… and everyone agreed we would cross the bridge at 2 am
    If we had too. Well at 2 am I was 9.5 cm and stressed out. I told the nurse I would not have a c-section and she checked my cervix until it was 10 cm. Finally it was at 2:15-2:20 am. The doctor then said the would “allow” me to try pushing. I then pushed for 3 hrs while the doctor rolled her eyes multiple times when anyone would try to help coach me. Mind you—This is my husband tell me after because I was not able to see anything as I was pushing out our son.

    Hypno birthing taught us to advocate for ourselves and how to fight battles we never thought we’d have and didn’t know we needed to prepare for. We were scared, trying our literal best, and these are the things that someone who never met us put us through during a defining moment in our lives.

  • Jasmine

    Thanks to Sakinah Birth Hypnobirth classes, my husband and I prepared mentally and achieved our first natural VBAC birth. After my C-section from my previous birth I struggled with doubts and fear whether my body was capable to birth a baby naturally without complications. The Hypnobirth classes from Sakinah Birth taught myself and my husband the power of positive thoughts and relaxation that can affect the hormones in our bodies to work like they are supposed to for birth. She also teaches labor positions, variety of relaxation and breathing techniques to use before and during labor. Education makes all the difference and I highly recommend couples who want to prepare mentally for their birth to take Sakinah Hypnobirth classes. Birth is truly mind over matter and it’s amazing how much power our mind has over our bodies. Her classes can be taken in person or virtual. Sakinah is amazing teacher who will even go above and beyond to check on you leading up to your birth.

  • Megan Watier

    This was our third pregnancy and wanted something different, and Jihan provided just that! She was very knowledgeable and helpful to provide the best experience. You can tell she truly cares about the couple and empowering women to have the best labor and delivery. I highly recommend all women/couples to take Jihan’s Hypnobirthing course, even if this isn’t your first pregnancy!

  • Ashley

    Jihan was such an amazing instructor for hypnobirthing! Her classes were informative, and engaging. She walked me through relaxation techniques, answered questions and was so patient and sweet. This was my third birth but first homebirth and she gave me the tools and the confidence to make it an amazing experience! I have long labors and hypnobirthing really helped me let go, conserve my energy, and helped me to bring my sweet boy earthside. I highly highly recommend you take hypnobirthing with her! So empowering! ❤️

  • Tiffany

    Jihan was incredible! From the moment I reached out for more details and information, I could feel her warmth and energy through the phone. She is and was completely conscious and empathetic toward us, which made the lessons genuine. You could really tell Hypnobirthing and education is her passion. I felt seen, heard, and supported as a first-time mom. I really appreciated the extra energy she gave to me and my family so we could all be successful and prepared. Thank you so much, Jihan! You’re an angel!

  • Erin

    Jihan is a great instructor! She really took her time and worked with us individually. I found her calm demeanor so helpful. Excellent information and practice hypnosis sessions. I’m so looking. Forward to using Hypnobirthing when I deliver, she really helped give me the confidence to use the techniques.

  • Ashley

    When I found out I was pregnant, as a medical professional I wanted the most natural, least invasive birth for my baby. I did lots of research and found Sakinah Birthing. I received a response very quickly, answering all of my questions. Through correspondence and the class we found that Jihan is absolutely wonderful! Both my husband and I learned so much in preparation for our first birth and felt more prepared for this important day because of her. She is very knowledgeable and patient and incredibly attentive and supportive to her hypnobirthing families! She even follows up after the class is complete, offering kind words of support or follow up exercises if necessary. I couldn’t recommend this class more!

  • Fayla

    What an amazing class! I am so happy I was able to be educated as much as I was prior to delivering my baby girl. Jihan is very knowledgeable and highly informative when it comes to informing you of what to look for pre-delivery, during delivery, and after delivery. I definitely incorporated all the techniques learned during the time I labored, and I would for sure recommend taking this course especially for first time mothers. I wish all mothers would be educated like this!

  • Ryan T

    One of the most important things my wife and I learned taking Jihan’s classes is the power of the mind over the body. We took some of the key lessons and applied them when my wife was having our daughter. My wife had a relatively easy birth of our first child and our doctor was absolutely respectful of our decision to incorporate hypnobirthing into our birth plan. Thank you Jihan for all your help!

  • Jennifer

    Jihan is a fantastic instructor and we loved her hypnobirthing class! It gave us all the tools we needed for the big day even when special circumstances popped up out of nowhere. Jihan stayed in contact after we completed the class and offered invaluable support and advice after my emergency c-section. I would have been completely lost without her. She definitely goes above and beyond for her clients. Your support team isn’t complete without her!

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