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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Kristin Bryan

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  • Abby

    Kristin was such a pleasure to work with. You can tell she really loves providing services to expectant parents and family all around. She was very flexible with my crazy schedule. Kristin is very knowledgeable about the pregnancy and delivery process. She brings a calm peace to her sessions and was very encouraging and supportive!

  • Courtnie

    My partner and I worked with Kristin during the pregnancy of my second child. I had a previous labor and delivery that wasn’t ideal. Along with multiple miscarriages. Working with Kristin was empowering and knowledgeable. I felt safe with her and continue to have a relationship with her years after. Through her teachings and conversations I feel my partner and myself gained so much awareness. The labor and delivery of my second child was an amazing experience for all of us. I credit a lot of that to her. She also joined us in the delivery room where her presence brought a sense of calming. She took breathtaking photos that captured special moments. She not only advocated for me, but taught me how to do so for myself as well. I will recommend her and her programs endlessly. Forever thankful.

  • Maria

    My husband and I really enjoyed working with Kristen. She was very passionate about helping us have a wonderful birth. Her knowledge and gentle encouragement made it easy to learn and feel comfortable with the whole experience. I also liked all of the information about the pregnancy and baby that were included and felt like it helped my husband understand what was happening during pregnancy and delivery. I have also continued to use several of the techniques I learned in other aspects of my life and it has now been 2.5 years since completion of the course. I definitely recommend the program and Kristin.

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