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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Jennifer Miller

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  • Erin S.

    Jen did a private HypnoBirthing course for us in our home when we were expecting our 5th baby and we could not have asked for a more amazing experience! Jen is incredibly knowledgable, gentle and kind. We immediately felt comfortable with her, which made learning the HynoBirthing techniques easy. She instilled confidence in us as she taught everything we would need to know for the peaceful, unmedicated birth we envisioned. HypnoBirthing was the first childbirth technique that worked for me. It really worked! At exactly 40 weeks, we welcomed a perfectly healthy baby in a fast, but calm, unmedicated birth. We have used the HypnoBirthing techniques in our subsequent births with the same success. We adore Jen and would highly recommend her as a HypnoBirthing instructor!

  • Kristin

    Jennifer’s hypnobirthing classes made all the difference in my birth experience. I was able to stay calm and relaxed throughout labor.  After being a week and a half after my due date, I was induced and gave birth to a 9lb 13 oz baby girl.  Hypnobirthing gave me a way to handle to pitocin and stick to my goal of giving birth without an epidural.  My friends who have had babies all ask how I made it through labor without an epidural. Every time I credit Jennifer and the hypnobirthing techniques.  She has a soothing voice that makes relaxation easy. I am so glad that I chose to take Jennifer’s hypnobirthing classes. I would definitely recommend both Jennifer and hypnobirthing to all expectant moms.

  • Ashlea

    We loved our hypnobirthing course with Jen Miller. She was flexible, knowledgeable, compassionate, and calm. She gave us confidence that we could have the kind of birth we so desired. I left her course feeling like I had a toolbox of skills to use for my upcoming birth. I’m thankful for my experience with her!

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