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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Julie Deyo

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  • Alicia

    We had an amazing experience with Julie and her hypnobirthing/ childbirth course. She has a wealth of knowledge and is so kind and friendly. The course was wonderful and so insightful. We feel far more prepared, informed and ready to bring our baby girl into this world with the practice of Hypnobirthing. I couldn’t recommend her more! My baby was breech and with the exercises and scripts she taught us, my baby turned head down! Julie is a great teacher and am so happy we chose to go to her.

  • Lesley

    Taking the hypnobirthing course with Julie, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. What I learned was that we could cover so much information at our meetings while still being able to ask questions and get comfortable with one another. Julie believes birth is beautiful and she always made space for concerns, questions, even some hands on exercises for our class to practice. Highly recommend!

  • Sheila

    I recently finished a hypno birth class with Julie. I am so so happy that I decided to take this class with her. As a first time mommy there is allot I didn’t know and after finishing the class I feel so much more confident as I prepare for baby Elijahs arrival. Julie Deyo’s class was the perfect mixture of hands on, science, and spiritual. She has a way of connecting with each of her students and meeting them where they are at. Between videos, literature, and practical exercises I have such a better understanding of what to expect ( without having expectations) and walk away equipped with tools and knowledge that put me at ease moving into this next phase life. I would recommend her class to any first time mommas or any moms that are wanting to create a different birthing experience from their previous one.

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