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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Serene Gato

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My name is Serene and I am a Birth Doula and Certified HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator. I am passionate about providing birth education and support, helping families learn about the physiology of instinctive birth, the choices they have, and what they can do to achieve their birth goals. I am currently offering intimate in-person group classes in Coral Springs, Fl as well as virtual (online) group sessions.

Upcoming Classes

South Florida (EST) – Online Via Zoom

Coral Springs, FL, USA

South Florida (EST) – Online Via Zoom

Coral Springs, FL, USA

South Florida (EST) – Online Via Zoom

Coral Springs, FL, USA

South Florida (EST) – Online Via Zoom

Coral Springs, FL, USA

South Florida (EST) – Online Via Zoom

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5 Reviews on “Serene Gato”

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  • Sarah P

    I highly recommend taking Serene’s class! She is knowledgeable, kind and passionate about hypnobirthing. I learned several relqxarion techniques I used through out pregnancy! My entire labor process was made easier because I had the tools I learned from Serene! This was 10/10 experience as a first time mom!

  • Lauryn

    This will be my third baby & my first vbac. I have had two prior traumatic birthing experiences. So knowing this, I wanted to give myself every possible tool in my toolbox to be able to have a successful unmedicated birth. Serene took so much time to answer all of my questions & release fear I had surrounding my bodies capabilities during birth. The techniques, affirmations, deep relaxation & so much more that I learned through this course I know that my birthing day will be so calming & amazing. 10/10 I highly highly recommend taking this course with Serene to absolutely everyone.

  • Betina, Brian, and Divine Dennis

    Serene 🤗❤️ thank you❣️
    What a divine experience now seeing it all as a whole. I had him completely natural and without becoming overwhelmed by the sensations, echoing your words that I ll never forget :
    “the sensations aren’t stronger than you because they are you” 🥹
    Serene, I am so so grateful for you. To have met you and been guided by you. Thank you for all your teachings, resources, advice, your care, and the way you came to help us when we were defeated; it all was what held me through. Your energy is amazing and the love and dedication for your work truly shines and is felt. The gifts were so kind and thoughtful. We are forever thankful for you.
    Thank you for sharing in our joy and for your thoughts and love🙏🏽❣️ we are in the timelessness of no sleep so couldn’t respond until now but in joyful awe indeed.
    Everyone would be blessed to have you by their side.

  • Veronica Rosado

    Serene was very informative

  • Daniella F.

    Serene helped my husband and I prepare for the birth of our first child immensely! After taking her course I felt empowered to advocate for myself and fully capable of facing any challenges birth may present. If you take the time to read the provided literature and practice the course is well worth the time and money spent.

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