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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Wendie Aston

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  • Bella Bouchard

    We worked with Wendie for an in-home hynobirthing course this past summer. Wendie is a wealth of knowledge – sharing tips and tricks that were not only specific to giving birth but also general lifestyle improvements/recommendations. I had an outstanding unmedicated birth experience and gave birth to a healthy baby boy in September. I’m so grateful to Wendie for being such a great resource throughout my pregnancy and absolutely recommend her services

  • Nicole Lambiasi

    After the birth of my first son Ricky was very traumatic and ended in a C-Section I was determined to have a more desirable birth experience my second time around. As luck my have it, I found Wendie searching for a hypnobirthing instructor and my husband and I attended her classes. I learned so much from her and obtained the techniques to have a natural unmedicated birth. I had an the ideal birth and was able to focus while in labor for 12 hours. My experience has been invaluable and I plan on using what I learned for all pregnancies I have going forward. Wendie has a wealth of knowledge and fully prepared me for my VBAC. I highly recommend Wendie!

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