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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Kadie Barber

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17 Reviews on “Kadie Barber”

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  • Kelly

    My husband and I really enjoyed the HypnoBirthing classes with Kadie. She absolutely knows the material, and knows how to teach it in an engaging way. She presented a great mix of teaching concepts, as well as encouraging class participation, which was really helpful. There have been a lot of takeaways and practices for my husband and I to work on between now and our birth, but we feel so much more equipped than we did before.

  • Paige

    Kadie was an incredible instructor for this class. The class and material itself helped me and my partner to feel much more prepared and knowledgeable for our upcoming birth, but Kadie specifically always did such a great job of presenting information in a factual and non biased way which can sometimes be difficult in these fields. She also made sure to connect with each couple individually and reached out privately to make sure that we received material when we had unexpectedly leave a class early. I really enjoyed her as an instructor.

  • Kelli

    Kadie is a wonderful instructor! Through her course my husband and I learned many tools to keep me calm and relaxed which will help even beyond childbirth! Childbirth has always been something I’ve feared but I feel prepared and excited for when that day comes.

  • Haley Clegg

    I loved taking my HypnoBirthing Certification course from Kadie Barber. She was incredible – I felt equipped and empowered to teach my future HypnoBirthing students. I loved the pace of the class and got giddy every day to learn more! Couldn’t recommend her classes more! 

  • Wendy

    We thoroughly enjoyed Kadie’s hypnobirthing class. We learned so much and appreciated Kadie’s calm, engaged, expert instruction. Highly recommend.

  • Alex

    Kadie is truly an amazing instructor. She was organized and insightful. I am a former labor and delivery nurse and I still learned a lot of information. She was willing to include my five homeschooled children in the classes and interacted with them as well. Thank you for sharing your joy for teaching and your knowledge.

  • Gina Solorzano

    I took Kadie’s educator course and learned so much! She is a wonderful instructor, and went through a lot of content, but made it feel digestible. I did this class over Zoom and Kadie made it feel as though we were in the room together. She was very understanding if we needed to tend to a crying baby, etc. I feel confident that I will be a competent HypnoBirthing instructor.

  • Leian Saraphanh

    Kadie is an amazing instructor! I highly recommend taking her class! She was super kind and patient with everyone’s questions and was very informative on all the information we needed to know about Hypnobirthing! I feel absolutely prepared and ready to birth my baby with confidence and excitement!

  • Andrea Acevedo

    Kadie is so sweet and so personable. She takes interest in her students and shows so much attention and dedication to everyone. I couldn’t ask for a more amazing instructor.

  • Sam Kohlmeier

    Kadie’s classes were amazing, I cannot wait to put them into practice. She was very thoughtful about the exercises in class and allowing us space to ask any questions we had around birth. Taking the class on zoom really helped us to feel comfortable to do the in class exercises in the environment we will be putting them into practice.

  • Jeremy

    Kadie was such an incredible instructor. She was calm, caring, and took the time to answer any questions in a manner that is both detailed yet understandable. She has also always made herself available for additional questions. I feel much more confident going into birth having taken her class.

  • Jen

    Very excited to use all these new coping tools during my upcoming labor! I’m glad I took this class.

  • Brooke

    Kadie is amazing. This was the second time taking her course and she continues to make my pregnancy and into the birthing experience a much calmer and directed path. We are so grateful for her dedication and her kindness. You won’t regret taking this course, she is the best.

  • Kassie

    Kadie’s approach felt very warm, affirming, empowering, and inclusive, which helped both me and my husband to feel like our presence, thoughts and questions were valued. The class had a good mix of teaching, discussion, Q&A, interactive exercises, and hypnosis practice and Kadie did a great job facilitating over Zoom. We learned so much and feel so much more prepared for our birth!

  • Yesenia

    Kadie’s hypnobirthing class was incredible and just what I needed as a first time mom. Her calm and intentional demeanor fostered a caring environment where I felt safe to ask questions and take in the information. I am feeling calmer and more ready for by birth after taking this class and would encourage anyone expecting to take her class.

  • Kadie is such a skilled facilitator and guide with a genuine, loving, supportive, and refreshing approach. She created the most welcome, engaging, and relaxing class environment and all over zoom which is truly exceptional! I came into the class not sure what to expect and left feeling equipped with all the information we need to make informed decisions about our birth plan AND more confident in my own mind-body-baby connection.

  • Kadie’s hypnobirthing class was a wonderful reintroduction into all things baby. I can now highly recommend hypnobirthing methods to anyone expecting and very much look forward to implementing everything we’ve learned.

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