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Sarah Baker

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Hello there! I a mom of two little boys (one being a HypnoBirthing baby), HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, Internationally Accredited Meditation Teacher, Postpartum Doula and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Similar to you, I wanted to feel prepared, confident and calm during my labor, no matter what twist or turn took place. Finding a childbirth education class that provided not only in-depth knowledge on everything that goes down during labor, but proven methods that help you feel calm, confident and empowered (that did not consist of just pain management interventions that hospitals offer), was something that I had a hard time finding in the Chicagoland area. So my childbirth education journey began.

I bring almost a decade of practicing as a Holistic Health and meditation specialist with a heavy emphasis on mind + body balance, and pivoted my practice to specialize in maternal wellness in 2017.

Between my experience of utilizing HypnoBirthing for my own birth combined with my credentials and almost a decade experience as an educator, solutions based Hypnotherapy practitioner, meditation teacher and maternal wellness specialist; my classes are a go-to method to experiencing one of the best childbirth education classes in the area. I would be honored to play a small role in your motherhood / parenthood journey.

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VIRTUAL – Chicago, IL & open to students across the US

Chicago, Illinois, US – VIRTUAL

VIRTUAL – Chicago, IL & open to students across the US

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  • Yve

    After taking your class, my delivery went very well! I focused on the breathing and was very in tune with my body. No epidural as planned!! Stayed calm throughout the process and when my nurse asked the doctor to come and check, the doctor was so surprised how far along I was, she didn’t even get a chance to grab her gown haha! I loved your enthusiasm that came through in the class. Thank you so much for your awesome classes.

  • Dee

    Sarah’s Hypnobirthing class was fantastic. For five weeks we worked on dispelling many commonly held myths about the birth process, and building confidence in our own bodies. The class not only covers Hypnobirthing techniques, but also information on what can be expected and requested during childbirth in various hospital/ midwifery settings, nutrition during pregnancy, golden hour, etc.
    Sarah was awesome to work with, and was also available to answer questions after the class, and provide us with resources we needed. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is pregnant!

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