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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Barbara Johnson

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  • Sarah Bierut

    This class was a peaceful highlight of our pregnancy. It revealed expectations I had about birth that I was not fully aware of. It prepared me mentally if my birth didn’t go as planned and educated me about backup safe options. I went into birth feeling empowered and confident with my body and voice which resulted with an intense, joyful and natural birth experience. I cannot recommend this class enough to all expecting families!

  • Maria Miske

    Barb was amazing! My husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed the class. She was very good at explaining everything and making us more comfortable, confident and ready for our upcoming birth. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about doing a class!!!

  • Anne Chase

    Barb is wonderful and an amazing resource for all things birthing. It was a joy meeting with Barb each week and I left the class feeling confident and calm and ready for my birth. The class is filled with tons of information, but is presented in a very manageable way, that does not feel overwhelming. I would highly recommend both Barb and the HB class to anyone.

  • Helena

    Barb is absolutely amazing! I would want every pregnant couple to be able to take her class, she calmly and passionately guides both mom and dad to have the best experience possible.
    She brought out the confidence I already had to have the exact birth experience I wanted. Her insight and explanations of all the possible options and challenges that you may encounter makes it possible to maintain a calm and focused mindset when it actually happens. I cannot recommend her HB class enough.

  • Victoria

    Barb is the bomb! She infuses her knowledge as a experienced and legendary labor and delivery nurse to understand the medical side of birth and how physiologically the body opens throughout birth.

    She helps you to understand birth in a deep and spiritual way so you can surrender to the process. She is calm and collected and made me and my husband feel empowered to chose our own birth and bring our little babe into the world with peace and grace.

  • Emily V

    HypnoBirthing with Barb was so helpful for my husband and I! As first time parents we knew very little about birth and what to expect. We learned SO much from this course and feel excited about the possibility of a calm, unique birthing experience.

    Barb is very knowledgable and had a great informative, inviting, reassuring energy about her that left us feeling confident about what’s to come!

    We couldn’t recommend her course enough for all expecting parents out there!

  • Jylissa Salveson

    After having a vacuum assisted first birth followed by a C-section, I knew I wanted something different for my third baby. The private sessions my husband and I did with Barb learning how to use hypnobirthing were exactly what I needed to have a instinctual, natural VBAC, without the need for an epidural. Being a yoga teacher already familiar with breathwork and the importance of the parasympathetic nervous system, I very much enjoyed delving deeper with Barb and understanding how to harness these tools for an ideal birthing experience. Barb is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and caring and her passion for helping couples have an ideal birthing experience radiates from her. I would highly recommend Barb’s classes to anyone having a baby whether it’s her first or subsequent birth.

  • Hanna

    Barb’s hypnobirthing course prepared both my husband and I to have a wonderful birthing experience. Before taking the course, I was fearful of birth and didn’t know what to expect as this was my first pregnancy. Each week, Barb walked us through our fears and provided our group with invaluable tools in order to help us overcome those fears as well as give us the ability to manifest the birthing experience we envisioned. Come my birthing day, I had the exact experience that I had visualized – it was beautiful, safe, empowering and calm. I can’t thank Barb enough for sharing her knowledge, calm energy and love with her students! I would recommend every expecting mother take Barb’s course!

  • Betci Fuller

    The class was very helpful! And Barb is wonderful! I would definitely recommend taking this class before you give birth. You learn different techniques that help make the experience more relaxing and calm.

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