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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Alicia Contreras Ruiz

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Alicia believes childbirth is the foundation for a harmonious family life across generations, an opportunity to strengthen emotional bonds and heal inherited patterns.

She is committed to challenging the narrative of fear and negativity surrounding birth by educating and empowering women and their partners to approach childbirth with positivity, knowledge, and confidence.

Her work seeks to dismantle the fear-based approach to birth, replacing it with one that celebrates birth as a natural, empowering process that can be approached with calm and joy, emphasizing the importance of creating a peaceful and supportive environment for the birth experience.

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3 Reviews on “Alicia Contreras Ruiz”

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  • Alicia Contreras Ruiz Listing Owner

    Alicia was very knowledgable, patient, sympathetic, and kind.
    The birthing videos helped me feel comfortable with birth. 
    I loved the personalized experience. 

    I learned so much about birth, my body, and advocating for myself. 
    I loved the birthing affirmations and visualization techniques.


  • Alicia Contreras Ruiz Listing Owner

    Alicia is a wonderful person, her personality gives a lot of peace and calm to those of us who listen and learn from her, my partner and I love her.

    I liked the meditations and exercises that we did. I found the course very complete and funny.


  • Alicia Contreras Ruiz Listing Owner

    Alicia is wonderful. She is a great listener and is extremely accommodating. She knew how to handle my partner in a gentle but effective way. He was a nervous wreck and had many questions and concerns about childbirth.

    I loved that we were able to put our thoughts into writing and how the program allowed my partner and me to communicate about our wishes and desires not just about our birth plan, but as new parents to be. It was a comprehensive program.

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