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Firstly I want to say if it wasn’t for Carrie at Joymammma, my birth story would have been very different, even traumatic.In the early hours of August 19, I woke to the sound of a pop. My waters had released. Being 2 weeks before my due date, I looked to my husband, Tom, excitedly. We were going to meet our little man very shortly!Tom called the hospital to let them know, and they advised us to try and get some sleep and come in in the morning. But my little man had other ideas. I was walking around my bathroom with slight period pain that soon turned into strong surges, they were 3 minutes apart, and I felt like my body was pushing right from the start. While they were painful, it was a pain I knew my body could handle and I was able to focus on the end goal, meeting my little man! I remember when Tom was on the phone to the hospital, I had a surge and made a bit of noise while I was trying to breathe, I heard the midwife ask if I was not coping very well, he replied “no, she’s coping ok I think, but can it happen this quickly?” It was only an hour since my waters released. I’m pretty sure the midwives didn’t believe that I was having consistent contractions.After an hour and a half and a few more phone calls to the hospital, Tom suggested I hop into the bath to help with the pain, and remember my breathing, still thinking the birth was hours away. I hopped in and it was instant relief. I felt so much better and I was able to deal with my surges a little more calmly. Between my surges, my husband was madly dashing around packing our bags (we weren’t quite ready for our stay in hospital!). He was back by my side as soon as a surge started.

I was only in the bath for half an hour when I put my hands between my legs and felt something there, I asked Tom to look, and apparently it was all head! Baby was coming! We both had NO idea that it could or would happen this quickly, we had no idea that I was actually at the second stage of birth already. A quick call to the hospital, and they advised us to call an ambulance. At this stage, I knew my baby was coming now, and all I kept thinking about was a passage Carrie read out during our course “an eight year old can deliver a baby”, so I knew my husband could too. While this whole situation was so unexpected, Tom was absolutely amazing.

I remember looking into his eyes, and he was calm and in control of the situation and I just knew everything would be absolutely fine. I was in my own world and just continued to listen to my body. He followed instructions from the operator, put towels in the bottom of the bath and took my hand. Another surge, and baby was crowning, I looked down and I could see him floating in the water, I breathed, knowing that the next surge would be it. One more and it literally felt like he slipped out. Tom gently placed him on my chest, and it was just the three of us for a few precious moments before the ambulance arrived. When I arrived at the hospital, the midwives could not believe that I was the same person they were speaking to only a few hours before.

George was such a good baby, and still is. The midwives commented how calm he was. He didn’t cry when they handled him, even when he had his injections, and boy did he love his first bath!

My birth was absolutely amazing and while it was nothing like I’d planned, I wouldn’t change it for anything. We would have been totally lost without the course, the videos and the way Carrie prepared and supported us for the birth. Tom puts his calmness down to the relaxation techniques we learnt and the videos we watched. My whole labour was less than 3 hours, I had no tears or anything and I felt amazing afterwards. I put it down to pregnancy yoga, chiro, being relaxed and focusing on me towards the end of my pregnancy, and of course all of this was learnt in my Hypnobirthing course. If I could give any advice to soon-to-be mums, book into Carrie’s Hypnobirthing course as soon as possible, and once baby is here, trust your motherly instincts. Thank you so much for everything, it really would have been a totally different story if it wasn’t for you.

Much love and thanks to Carrie.

Emma, (Dr) Tom and Baby George xxx

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