Birth of Poppy Dae

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It was the most amazing experience and all natural thanks to HypnoBirthing.

Poppy was in perfect position 4 days before her birth, but she turned and was spine on spine which is why labour took so long. The HypnoBirthing mentality, breathing and visualizations were all the tools we used. The intense sensations from Poppy being spine on spine meant I couldn’t always use the slow breathing as I was trying too, but I just did what I could and stayed so calm in between. That phase of labour took 24 hours. By the time we got to the hospital Poppy had started to turn using the polar bear position in the shower. In the last two hours we were in the spa bath they went really quickly, we had an amazing midwife who respected all our birth preferences.

I was only actually breathing the baby out for 10 mins (no tears)! The midwife was setting things up and on the other side of the room when Poppy came out, all in one go she swan dived into the water and received by Jordie who passed her to me for some blissed out cuddles.

Jordie felt so empowered as well knowing what to do and when. He kept me so calm, he was the best birthing partner anyone could wish for. The two midwives who were at the labour said it was such a beautiful birth they were blown away by how we dealt with everything.

Poppy has eased in to this world just as gracefully as when she swan dived into it! She is so chilled out, happy and content. We’re loving being parents.

I just wanted to say thank you for being such a fantastic HypnoBirthing practitioner and yoga instructor! We couldn’t have done it without you.

All our love Candice, Jordie and Poppy xxx

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