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Make the Most of Your Educator Listing

by | Apr 7, 2023

One of the perks of being a HypnoBirthing Educator is the ability to add a listing on our website. Included in your annual membership dues, you can add a free listing including your name, location, photo, and a contact form where inquiries will be emailed to you directly. Every educator is encouraged to take advantage of their ability to add an educator listing on our website. This allows parents who are interested in HypnoBirthing and searching our website to find you, know that you are a Gold Seal certified educator, and to contact you.

An additional option available to all active educators is a “Directory Pro” Listing. This is an upgrade available to allow you to add more information to your listings.

How to Add a Directory Listing

  • Login at
  • Navigate to “Add a Directory Listing” on the right-hand side
  • Complete all fields on the form (starting with whether you would like to stick with your FREE educator listing, or if you would like to upgrade to the Directory Pro option for $15 USD per month or $170 USD per year).

Make the Most of Your Free Listing

If you choose to stick with your basic, free listing, be sure to at least add a photo to your listing. This will make your listing stick out from those that do not have a unique photo and it will increase engagement with your listing when someone is searching for an educator. We recommend that the photo be a headshot, but something such as your logo or a photo of your facility may work as well. Adding a photo shows that you are active and adds a way for parents to feel connected to you within seconds.

Last, be sure to ask the parents you work with for reviews. you can send them a link directly to your listing in your last course email. Reviews provide social proof that you are a trusted and effective educator who others should enroll with.

How to Update an Existing Directory Listing

  • Select the “Edit Listings” button on the right-hand sidebar of the member portal. By default, this will display your educator/”directory” listing. 
  • Next, click the cog/gear for the listing you would like to edit. Then, select the edit button. This will bring you to the page where you can update any necessary information.
  • Be sure to select the “Submit Listing” at the bottom of the form to submit your updates.

Make the Most of Your Directory Pro Listing

For most educators, a year subscription to the Directory Pro listing ($170 USD) costs about half of one parent’s fees to enroll in the HypnoBrithing course. For educators who are looking to increase the number of inquiries they get per month, this may be a great option. However, when you sign up for this upgraded listing, make sure that you really make the most of it. Here is how to do that:

  1. Fill out the listing update form as completely as possible. Include a link to your website, contact info, social media links, a bio, etc.
  2. Write a creative bio that allows people to connect with YOU. Add what made you want to become an educator, why you love HypnoBirthing, etc.
  3. Add class listings. Pro subscribers get the perk of adding individual class/series listings to the website. Simply look for the “Add a Class Listing” button and submit a class listing similar to how you add a provider listing. This allows people to find a class near them on the day/time that works for them. People who find your class and reach out via the individual class form often have higher intent and are more likely to register for your course.