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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

María Virginia Gantt

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Hi mama! I have experienced TWO unmedicated, short (3hrs and 4hrs), and comfortable births (Yep, HypnoBirths), which have fueled my passion and the very unique form of support I provide for the families I serve.

I am an Acupuncture Physician, doula (DONA), and childbirth educator specializing in holistic reproductive wellness and non-pharmacological pain management. It is through this integrative practice, spotting patterns and providing options for women to adjust and increase their odds of experiencing the physiological births they desire is possible.

I believe birth is NATURAL whether it is unmedicated, medicated, vaginal, or surgical C-section.

I emphasize that if vaginal birth is an option for you and it is your preference, both preparation and education can provide you and your baby the greatest chance for a safer, easier, and often transcendental birthing experience.

Birth and pregnancy can be comfortable, it CAN BE PAIN-FREE (I’ve experienced it myself!), deeply satisfying, and a spiritual experience. There are many tools available for you to step with your right foot into this unique and beautiful transition in your life <3

Through education, evidence, and practice, you will learn that there is SO MUCH MORE for all of us to explore through our bodies, within our emotional intelligence, our physiology, and the mind-body connection that can be exponentially strengthened during this time!

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