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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Elisabeth Hobbs-Hubach

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5 Reviews on “Elisabeth Hobbs-Hubach”

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  • Cathy

    Elisabeth has been a supportive, encouraging and calming influence throughout both of my pregnancies. My husband and I completed the full hypnobirthing course with her during my first pregnancy and I recently completed a shorter, refresher course with her to prepare for the birth of our second child. Her instruction and support played a huge part in having a calm and positive birthing experience with our first son and I am looking forward to birth once again!

  • Kristin Lopez

    Absolutely loved this class with Elizabeth! I went into it nervous, not knowing what to expect. I am having my second child in June & with my first it was through a terrible hospital experience. This time I am going all natural with all the control in my hands. Elizabeth has made it very clear to me that I HAVE THE POWER! And I truly believe that. When it comes to everything that day will bring. I would highly recommend any first time mom to attend the class. My husband also loved it! She teaches a lot on how partners can help in the time as well. Highly recommend and I can’t wait to use all the techniques I have learned to breathe my baby to this earth!

  • Vanessa Gibson

    Elisabeth was great! She’s extremely passionate about the work she does and made herself very available for any follow up questions or concerns 🙂

  • Colin

    Rachel and I both really enjoyed our Hypnobirthing class series! Elizabeth Hubach did an amazing job teaching our class and providing us the support we needed to really understand the material and how it could help Rachel and I have the best birth experience possible. Other than the classes and discussion of the material itself (which also included seeing real hypnobirth videos) we were also provided outside material too, including audio recordings of additional relaxation scripts that have been a big help to us. The class overall helped me understand how language, attitude, and expectations surrounding birth can have a major impact on how the birthing process goes. It really did flip my attitude about the material 180 degrees after going through the class; I frankly thought it was probably nonsense going in, I was definitely wrong about that! The relaxation scripts in particular are incredible, I had no idea you could achieve that level of relaxation listening to a script being read. I would recommend this class to any couple; my wife seems more relaxed and content with our upcoming birth, and I understand more about how I can support her. Great job Elizabeth, we enjoyed our experience!

  • Lilly

    Elisabeth was an outstanding HypnoBirthing instructor. She provided an incredible amount of information in a calm and supportive environment for learning and sharing. The class was transformative in my and my partner’s understanding and attitudes towards birth. We feel confident and positive. We are so grateful for Elisabeth’s kindness and genuine interest in our birthing journey!

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