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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Mary Roosen Little

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  • Hailey

    Mary taught partner and I the hypnobirthing method. I labored at home for several days before transferring to the hospital for a C-section. I don’t have any memory of pain or stress throughout that entire LONG process. I believe that I was able to avoid feeling grief for ultimately having a C-section because of the techniques I learned in hypnobirthing. My doula is amazed that I was sleeping through contractions. I believe that I was calm and prepared in part because of the techniques Mary taught. Mary also provided some postpartum support to my family. She is a ray of sunshine and I would absolutely recommend her hypnobirthing class and other ways she can support families through childbirth!

  • Tamar

    Mary has become a joyous part of my birthing story and memory. She provided so much needed comfort and support through what was otherwise a really difficult birthing experience. I never thought I could get to a place where I was not afraid of giving birth but she got me there! Without her my whole experience would have been so different and so much more difficult. I am so thankful for having met her and worked with her.

  • Alexie Smith

    Mary absolutely changed the course of my entire birthing experience. I was so incredibly anxious and scared about pregnancy and birth. Mary’s Hypnobirthing class along with her calming presence, gave me the courage and tools to have a very peaceful birth. I cannot say enough good things about her or her class!

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