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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Beatrice Conover

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I am a childbirth and parent educator, specializing in HypnoBirthing® and preparation for parenthood. As an educator my goal is to be a safe space for birthing folks (and their village) to be fully equipped to gracefully and confidently navigate the radical emotional, physical, and practical shifts that welcoming a new child can bring.

I have trained with Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings and HypnoBirthing® International. My care is trauma informed and evidence based. I am honored to hold space for you in this tender and life-changing time. I support folks of all ages, sizes, genders, family structures, disabilities or lack of, and races & ethnicities. I strongly believe that safe reproductive experiences mean not only physical safety, but importantly also emotional, mental, and interpersonal safety.

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