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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Christy Cowgill, RN

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Christy’s passion for Hypnobirthing® began with her many years providing comfort to women during childbirth- epidurals to ease the discomfort and surgical levels of anesthesia for the times babies or moms needed the skills of the operating room.

When the time came for her own children, in 2014, Christy used Hypnobirthing® for her own birth experience. Both she and her partner loved the approach to educating couples, promoting the amazing ways the body does birth, and inviting the mind to be calm and more accepting of childbirth without the fear and worry that can be commonplace in todays experiences.

It is with true compassion, respect for all choices, and unique inviting method to explore learning, curiosity, and bonding as a couple and with baby that her participants enjoy. Christy Cowgill is a Certified Hypnotist & Master NLP Practitioner/Trainer, Advanced Practice Nurse, and Certified Coach- practicing nurse anesthesiology nursing since 2000 where her training began at Mayo Clinic.

Christy is committed to making Hypnobirthing® an important part of her hypnosis repertoire. If you are expecting, this comprehensive childbirth preparation class gives you all that you think you need plus so much more.

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