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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Gili Levitin

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  • Lauren

    Gili’s warm, nurturing vibe and experience with so many births made me feel confident that she was a true expert in Hypnobirth, and I completely trusted her throughout my whole pregnancy and beyond. I loved how much she just cherishes and holds sacred the birthing mother and experience- she made me feel so special and beautiful in my pregnancy. Gili was able to teach me multiple strategies to dissolve any anxieties I had, including breathing techniques, visualizations and more.  Her classes were intimate and very informative with only two other couples. I learned everything I would have learned in a typical birth education class and so much more. One of my favorite parts of the course was watching the videos and photo-montages of Hypnobirths; some of which she had created. I especially loved her incorporation of essential oils into my pregnancy and birth, and I am now big into essential oils for my whole family all because of Gili. We were also lucky enough to have Gili be our Hypnodoula, and she was absolutely AMAZING!! During my labor, she led me through the visualizations that I learned about during her course and was perfectly nurturing and comforting throughout. Most of all, I loved how Hypnobirthing changed my outlook on birth and taught me that birth can be calm and relaxing and whatever I want it to be. I highly recommend Gili as a Hypnobirth teacher and Hypnodoula.

  • Natasha

    Being pregnant for the 1st time is an emotional time, full of happiness, anxiety and a range of feelings. Gili addresses all those emotions and soothes in the process, whether that be when pregnant, during birthing or following. For our personal journey, it was rooted in love, support and joy because of Gili. I believe my daughter (and my family) is who we are today (happy and peaceful) because of Gili’s guidance and sincere care.

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