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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Teralee Malouf

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  • Kelsei

    I am so greatful I found Teralee! I’ve always wanted to do a natural birth but was so afraid of the pain. Teralee made sure my husband and I felt comfortable and confident before we left her class. She provided so much information and tools to use during chide birth. I highly recommend Teralee if you want to have the birth plan you have always desired.

  • Ashley

    I am so grateful to my friend for recommending me Teralee’s Hypno birthing class. My husband and I drove from DAVIS COUNTY every week to come to her class. It was one of the best choices that we made in our pregnancy. Being able to learn how to relax and to learn how to surrender birth and what it may bring allowed me to be able to have the birth I wanted. Teralee is so fun, loving, kind and has a fire to want to help you succeed in the birth you want. If you’re thinking about doing her class do it. I promise you won’t regret it.

  • Alexis

    I’m so glad my midwife told me about Teralee and her class! I took this class for my third pregnancy because I knew I wanted to feel more in control for this labor and delivery than I did with my last two. My sister in-law also told me that if I could get into a HypnoBirthing class, that it would be so beneficial since I was looking to have the right tools and mindset to have an unmedicated birth. I have never felt more empowered going into labor and delivering my baby! This class helped me to stay in control mentally and physically throughout the entire labor and delivery process and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful birth. It was everything I wanted and more! My favorite takeaway from the class was controlled breathing methods which was ultimately what helped me through all of my labor and delivery. Also keeping a positive mindset and knowing that my body was fully capable of doing everything on its own! I learned how to let my mind surrender to the process without fear and to love every second of it! It truly made me want to have more babies because of how much I loved it! I’m so grateful for this class, I will always cherish what I got out of it – an empowering, intense, beautiful birth that I will truly never forget!

  • Kylie Kramer

    When I got pregnant with my first baby, I knew I wanted some type of class that could help me understand and support the birthing process, but I was not sold on all the elements and stereotypes of what I’d heard about Hypnobirthing. However, when I met Teralee and started taking her classes, I was blown away by how much I learned and how much support and confidence the information gave me.

    Hypnobirthing and Teralee showed me a different way to birth, and challenged a lot of social stereotypes and societal norms about how we see birthing. I would say I started out very skeptical of what Hypno birthing could offer me, but after I had my beautiful baby girl I was convinced that my positive and beautiful birth experience was tied to Teralee’s class and the exposure I got to understanding a different way to birth and helped me to tap into better tools.

    Due to pregnancy brain, we spaced our last class with TeraLee, and she went out of her way to offer to help us schedule a make up! We weren’t able to complete that, but with that fifth class I would’ve felt even more secure in knowing how to advocate for myself and push for the birth experience I wanted.

  • Khirsta

    We started the hypnobirthing class quite late in my pregnancy which left us little time to really practice, but we were dilligent and did all we could.  The back and neck strain I had been experiencing as my pregnancy progressed was marvelously relieved by the relaxation practice that we did and I was very positive that my home birth experience would be all that I hoped.  I had more time to practice than initially anticipated as our initial “guess date” passed and the ultrasonographers estimated date passed and we were filled daily with intense anticipation of the birth of our first child.  Hypnobirthing is intended to apply to any situation as birth is always unique and somewhat unpredictable.  In my case, my water broke more than twenty four hours before hard labor ensued.  I utilized the relaxation techniques throughout and did very well except for an inability to sleep as I was too concerned over the well being of our child.  By the time hard labor began I was very fatigued and found myself less successful in relaxing than I had been previously.  My progress was discouragingly slow but then began to progress very quickly indeed.  I would have to say that at the end there was little application of the techniques I had learned except in the quiet, calm encouragement of my husband. This and the support of a very capable midwife who respected my birthing wishes made for a wonderful experience.  And there is nothing like the rushing sense of joy and intense love that I felt as our tiny baby girl was placed on my chest and I saw her for the first time. The final stages of labor were more difficult than I had hoped, but I definitely feel that continued practice and application of the relaxation techniques I learned through hypnobirthing will make our next experience more pleasant.  It is certainly my intention to use these techniques throughout any subsequent pregnancy and delivery.

  • Bridgette

    Taralee’s class was an absolute game changer in my birth. I came to hypnobirthing simply looking for a way to stay calm during my birth as I normally experience terrible anxiety being in hospitals. I left with so much more!! Taralee helped me find the right providers for me, the best hospital for my situation and even offered an extra bit of help to my husband and I as he was out of town for most my pregnancy. I had an absolutely beautiful birth and I truly believe that it wouldn’t have been so without Taralee an her class. Worth every minute and every penny!

  • Heather

    I am so grateful we invested the time and money in Teralee’s class. Our birth experience was amazing and I don’t think we would have had the same experience if we weren’t so prepared from her class. She is also so personable and easy to connect with. Highly recommend!

  • Hannah

    I recommend Teralees class to all the soon-to-be parents I know. Teralee is knowledgeable and has a such a non-judgemental approach to supporting the families that take her class. I loved that no matter what decisions we were making in preparation for our birth that the principles of hypnobirthing could be applied. Teralee also supported us beyond the class with consultation phone calls and extra hynosis scripts. Our baby was breech for a long time and I felt like Teralee showed a personal investment in helping us navigate our birth options. I applied the hynobirthing techniques I learned in the class for a ECV (external cephalic version) and it went so smoothly! We were able to have an unmedicated vaginal birth and it was amazing.

  • Emily

    Teralee is a great instructor!! She has a wealth of knowledge to offer in her class and it is great for helping you really prepare to have a birth the way you want. Lots of resources. She is very welcoming and you can feel comfortable with her. Recommend!

  • Abigail

    I first heard about Teralee’s class from a friend who had taken it and had a beautiful natural birth experience. It seemed like an unreal but ideal story, and I remember thinking, “If only I could have a story like that.” My first birth story was beautiful because it was my first and I was so happy to have my daughter come, but not because of the actual labor and delivery. I knew I wanted something better, and I wanted to take more ownership of my birth story, but I wasn’t sure how. It turns out, I really needed more than just reading materials and YouTube videos 😆 I needed to take a class with structure and which would offer techniques for me to practice at home. That’s what I got with this hypnobirthing course! But it was even better than that 🙂 a whole new philosophy opened up to me, and I gradually felt like I knew my body and I knew the birth process better than ever. I felt like I could birth my baby without anybody’s help (turns out I really needed my husband though and a doula would have been amazing ☺️). I felt through this course that I could own this next birth and I could walk away from it feeling empowered and just good. The way things went, I started my labor naturally as I’d hoped to, I let things progress at home, I felt all the stages and knew what was going on at every minute, I got to the hospital and was able to use the tub and several positions to help the surges, my breathing gave me a great focus when I struggled to focus on other relaxation techniques, my husband was ultra supportive and involved the whole time (which he learned how to be from the class), and when it came time for the main event, I was committed to breathing her down and letting my body do it’s thing. It was the MOST intense thing I’ve ever done but I’m so glad I did it! I had a moment when I saw baby’s reflection in the light above me (as she was coming out) and I realized that was it, I’d had the natural birth that I’d wanted. So thanks Teralee, for helping us all believe that we could do it! That any woman can have a beautiful birth story regardless of any unexpected turns that the story takes! 🙂

  • Isabelle

    The labor and birth of my baby boy was BEAUTIFUL and exceeded my expectations. I definitely owe this to Teralee’s class. Day one in and of itself made me excited to give birth! Teralee was a wonderful teacher and took the time to make sure that we received and understood all the content. She even went out of her way to help us on our personal birth journeys. When I decided to switch providers-she called me and talked me through some recommendations. I loved who she recommended! Really made a major difference in my birth story! If you’re reading this and wondering if you should take this class, PLEASE do! It is so worth the extra time, money, and effort!

  • Alisha

    This course was absolutely powerful. It enabled me to have a beautiful and positive natural home birth utilizing the techniques learned from this class. Teralee is an incredible teacher with real life experience and the course content was absolute key. I luckily heard about Teralee’s class from a friend (who happens to be a midwife) and my actual midwife. I highly suggest this course to anyone who is birthing in the near future. 

  • Emily

    We started our pregnancy going to an OBGYN with hopes of having a natural birth. I had been exposed to holistic healthcare growing up and have always had a desire to approach birth unmedicated and embrace all the natural experiences that come along with it. We were new to the Valley and this was our first child so we really didn’t know who to turn to for healthcare. I assumed I could get the care I was searching for with an OBGYN but by the end of my second trimester realized I wasn’t going to be supported in the way I wanted with a traditional Doctor. I decided to switch to a Midwife a few weeks into my third trimester and my midwife recommended Tera to me as a Doula. I had done my research and knew Generally what kind of birth I wanted and understood that I would need a birth team and that a doula was essential to that team! I wanted the strength and support of another woman who would coach me through this experience and help honor the hopes and desires I had for that day. We had decided to take a Hypnobirthing class and had just completed our very first class when to our surprise I was in the hospital the next day being diagnosed with Preclampsia and then birthing our sweet baby girl the following day at just 35 weeks to the day! I had only ever met with Tera once before and talked with her twice but still felt comfortable and confident enough in her to still ask her to come and help us through this unexpected birth experience. I had hopes of going all natural and not taking any medication but due to the special circumstance had to be induced and have my water broken. My sweet husband and Tera were the best people that could’ve been there and with their support I was able to birth her without the epidural. I wanted that so badly for us and I was so pleased at the outcome. I know I couldn’t have done it without her help and my husband has also said he couldn’t have done it without her either. These two angels were my advocate in the room and I was able to fully focus on my body and birthing because they were there. I tuned everything else out and they held and coached me through every step. Tera was wonderful and held my hand, and walked me through visualizations, encouraged me, didn’t let me give up when I wanted to, stroked my hair, answered my questions and just totally showed up for me! I couldn’t believe someone who was almost a stranger could come and immediately make me feel comfortable through the most sacred, vulnerable experience of my life. I totally believe that women need women in the birthing room and for me having a doula to support me, in addition to my wonderful husband, made all the difference. Tera is wonderful, I can’t say enough good things!

  • Alanna

    Teralee’s class helped me feel confidence in my birthing choices. The relaxation techniques she taught us were instrumental in making my birth a powerful and exciting experience rather than a traumatic one.

  • Ciara

    I’m so happy I found Teralee! She helped me understand my options and gave me the confidence I needed to make the decision to have a home birth! Her class literally gave me the tools I needed and really changed my whole mind set on birth. This was my second birth but my first home birth, and I wouldn’t change anything about it! Teralee prepared me and reassured me that yes bringing your babe into this world is a challenge but my birth is about me and my comfortability. As soon as it was over, I actually said it was not bad at all. The fear I once had was gone once I completed the course, and I was ready and confident that my body would do exactly what it was designed to do while using the tools given to me by Teralee. Any more children I have I will definitely be having at home! This course and a good team behind you will make your entire experience magical. I am still in awe thinking back on my birth and watching my video still makes me cry! Teralee really gives you to tools to unlock our inner strength as females and reminds us of the Power we have that’s waiting for us to tap into ! #4monthsPostpartum

  • Lauren

    Teralee’s class taught me so much! Going from previous births where I felt kind of helpless, it was amazing to become more aware of how much power I really have over my birth experience. This has been my first birth that I was able to articulate my birth preferences effectively and have the confidence and patience to work with my body instead of being told what to do or having things done for me. Definitely would recommend this class! It gives so many important tools to make the birthing experience incredible.

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