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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Patricia MacKenzie

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  • Kirsten

    Where do I start?!? My first pregnancy was pretty normal, I guess, went through th appointments, had a tour of the delivery rooms and what not which was when I got Patricia’s Hypnobirthing card with her contact info on it. Not knowing much about being pregnant or children for that matter I was pretty reluctant to “google” the whole ordeal so I figured if the hospital is giving me this card then I should call and see what it’s about. I did and within the first 5 mins talking with Patricia I knew I’d like her! So I started the sessions in her home and not only did I gain first hand knowledge of how things worked but the options I had once the time came! The icing on the cake was Patricia’s hilarious sense of humour, kind heart and genuine care for her student. All that together gave me, my husband and mother a sense of  relief once the big day came…which looking back I really don’t know what I, we would have done with out her! I gave birth to a 8.3lb baby boy may 5 2015 with no epidural but needed a little gas to get me through. Patricia is an absolute gem and I would recommend her in a heart beat…I actually do whenever I hear someone is pregnant! Hah I’m pregnant again and am hoping it works out so Patricia can be there again!! Cheers, kirsten and family

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