Healing Birth Trauma from Within Guided Meditation


Healing Birth Trauma from Within (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

This ‘Healing Birth Trauma from Within’ guided meditation is a must have for any woman that has had a difficult or traumatic birth experience and is ready to find some inner peace. This beautiful album will help you to release and let go of the negative association and emotions that you may be carrying as a result of your experience.

Whether you have recently birthed, or you have been holding onto your birth experience for years, or decades, allow yourself to be transported on a journey into a beautiful forest scene where you are able to safely review your birth experience with the ‘wise women’ and gently let go of the emotional baggage that you have accumulated. Deeply relaxing and deeply healing , you can listen to it again and again and have a different healing experience each time.

This guided meditation has been written and spoken by Diana Fischer, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and experienced HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator in Western Australia.

Listen to a sample of the meditation: Click Here