HypnoBirthing Relaxation for Birth Partners


HypnoBirthing Relaxation for Birth Partners

This ‘HypnoBirthing Relaxation for Birth Partners’ guided meditation has been made especially for partners and the birth support team. The ‘becoming a parent’ and ‘birth support’ journey is a hugely vulnerable and special time, and whilst it is important for our moms to be doing daily relaxation practice to prepare for a calm and gentle birth, it is just as important for our birth partners to be relaxed, confident and prepared to be the best partner/parent and birth support they can be.

With a focus on guided breathing techniques and visualization, this track has been created especially for you to aid your relaxation and reduce stress levels in general. We recommend birth partners listen to this track regularly (if not daily) in the lead up to the birthing day, so that their mind and body are conditioned to relax down quickly. Birth is a powerful and intense experience for both parents (and the birth support team) so having additional tools to enhance relaxation and stay grounded can make a positive difference no matter what turn the birthing takes.

Birthing mothers are incredibly vulnerable during labor, and they need their birth support to be the advocate, spokesperson and guide during labor. This role requires the birth partner to be calming, supportive and confident, so that no matter what turn the birthing takes, she has support that is calm, loving and positive.

This track has been designed with all of this in mind, and is a great preparation leading up to this special birthing day.

This guided meditation has been written and spoken by Diana Fischer, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and experienced HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator in Western Australia.

Listen to a sample of the meditation: Click Here