Six Tips for Birthing Companions.


You are about to experience one of life’s most profound experiences. The support you give to your partner can make a huge difference in the way your family begins.

  1. Prepare – there are so many things to learn about how to support your birthing partner. Education is key. Commit to attending a HypnoBirthing course with your partner so that you will be well prepared for what is ahead. You will learn techniques for relaxation, breathing, advocacy, comfort measures and so much more.
  2. Get your mind right! Thoughts are things! Her body “hears” your thoughts. If you are feeling fear, uncertainty, negativity, or doubt you must turn it around. Step outside the room, take a few calming breaths, wash your face and say a few affirmations.
  3. Check your face – She will be looking at your face to reflect back to her how she is doing. If you are wearing what I call the “hospice” face, she will think that something is going very wrong. Relax, smile, and look lovingly into her eyes.
  4. Tell her – More than any other time in her life, she needs to hear how much you love her, how proud you are of her, and what a great job she is doing. Don’t hold back, tell her! She needs to hear from you. Go the extra mile. When birthers feel safe, loved, and supported they are more likely to relax and birth more efficiently and comfortably.
  5. Create a sacred space – create an environment free of stress and negativity. Consider lower lights, soft voices, aromatherapy, music, gentle touch, & movement.
  6. Be Present – Do this together. One of the nicest things you can do is to turn off the electronics. Provide soothing touch, reassurance, and encouragement. Hold her. Love her. No one can do this as well as you!
Vivian Keeler

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