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Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Candice Enriquez

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-Clinical Hypnotherapy Services
-HypnoBirthing Educator/ private classes done on your time. Can start new classes at any time!
-Certified Birth Doula, has served over 235 families.
During World Doula Week, 2015 Candice was recognized for her admirable work
by the Tampa Bay Birth Network. She has spent countless hours helping women in childbirth and finds honor is holding space for miracles. With 500 hours of
training in hypnosis, Candice brings a high level of expertise in her field that you can trust and feel safe with. Her aim is to return birth back to a mind, body, spirit perspective. She inspires and motivates families to have mother directed births.

New Group classes starting Jan 9 for 5 weeks in Lutz, FL

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7 Reviews on “Candice Enriquez”

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  • Nicole M

    I recently took Candice’s hyponobirthing class and it had such a positive impact on my birth! The breathing and relaxation techniques were incredibly useful in enabling me to achieve the birth of my dreams. Candice is a wonderful educator who is so passionate about what she does. I felt so empowered by her trust in birth and the experiences she shared. She is a world of information and I’m so grateful to have been able to learn from her. I highly recommend her classes to all mamas out there ! Beyond worth it I am forever grateful.

  • Brittany Altomare

    Candace was an awesome hypnobirthing doula. She really helped me get past my fears and preconceived notions of what I thought birthing looked like and helped me gain confidence in myself and my abilities to birth naturally. She really helped me to have the home birth experience that was better than what I had imagined. I would 100% recommend!

  • Richard Williams

    My wife and I were so grateful we came across Candice, she was absolutely amazing! I was away on work when my wife went into labor at our home, Candice immediately came over to our house to be with and help get my wife get into the right headspace.

    Unfortunately, our midwife was out of town, and by the time the backup midwife arrived, my wife had already delivered our beautiful girl! Candice was right there, every step of the way!

    Without a doubt, Candice helped make our girls entry into this world such a calm, peaceful and loving experience. I can’t say enough good things about our experience.

    What an amazing person and soul, we highly recommend Candice.

  • Samantha Hite

    Candice’s hypnobirthing class was incredible. My expectations were blown away. I learned so much about birth and more. Her advice and support gave me all the tools I needed to have the birth of my dreams. She helped me overcome so many fears and really helped me advocate for myself. I still use techniques I learned from her in my day to day. You will not regret joining her class one bit!

  • Molly

    Candice’s toolkit is expansive and intuitive. She’s a tenured professional when it comes to practical birthing support like positioning, counter-pressure (that I’m convinced saved my life in those 40+ hours), hypnosis techniques, and birth education. But what can’t be measured on a resume or even on a review like this is her intuitive, deep, and sincere care for her mamas. Throughout our months of getting to know each other before this day and thanks to our hypnobirthing sessions, we built a solid foundation of trust and connection that allowed me to soften into being taken care of by someone who knows what they’re doing. And that’s Candice.

  • Honu Lynn

    I met Candice during a birth. I am an acupuncturist and was providing those services during a birth and she was the family doula. We had an instant connection. She has since taken me through several hypnotherapy sessions. I truly love her work. She takes her time and gets to the root of what’s bothering you. She has a very soothing voice.

  • Coral

    Candice was an awesome hypnobirthing instructor! She was knowledgeable, compassionate and kind. She took the extra step to make a personal hypnosis for me and my fears specifically. She gave me the education and knowledge i needed to go into my hospital birth confident! Truly an asset to the hypnobirthing community and i will take the information and energy she gave me on into the world. 10/10 recommend 🤍🤍

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