Providers Speak


From a Doctor:
"I have made the transition to HypnoBirthing- The Mongan Method. I now believe that birthing involves no pain. I have attended over 250 births that have used the techniques and philosophy of HypnoBirthing- The Mongan Method. I realized that I no longer perform deliveries; I attend births and observe the miracle of HypnoBirthing- The Mongan Method...Read the entire story here!

From a Midwife:
"HypnoBirthing, when taught exactly how it is laid out in training and in the curriculum, works so well, that instructors and the birthing couples can't stop talking about it...Read the entire story here!

From a Chiropractor and Labor Assistant:
"In the past 2 weeks, I have attended 4 HypnoBirths. Three of them labors lasting less than 3 hours...Read the entire story here!

From a Midwife:
"Right from the very start of my working with HypnoBirthing parents, I had to keep questioning things I had been doing routinely for years as a midwife. I had to deal with this early--luckily at the very first HypnoBirthing. I say that this is where the women and the girls are separated....Read the entire story here!

From a Pregnant Doula:
I am currently a HypnoBirthing student. I also am a Doula. Recently I attended a birth where I shared what I have learned through HypnoBirthing and the results were amazing. I left to get breakfast and while I was gone the mommy had the baby all by herself in the restroom of her hospital room. She said that she did as I instructed her and the baby came so fast that she did not have time to get the Dr. or nurse!!! It was a beautiful and painless birth! I am so thrilled with what I am learning that I would like to receive further training. Can you please contact me with specific information on how I can become a HypnoBirthing Instructor? I will be having my baby in the next month or so and am very thankful that I have learned of this amazing methodology.

Heidi Day

From a Chiropractor and Labor Assistant:
"OK I GET IT!!! This HypnoBirthing thing really works well! Read the entire story here!

From a Nurse:
"Many times in the past, I have been downhearted with a heavy burden of attempting to traditionally educate women in the joy of birth. The traditional method falls short of giving women and their partners the necessary tools to achieve that goal. Your method has been a means to help me, as well as the women I serve.....Read the entire story here!

From a Midwife:
"Each day I work as a midwife, I have an immense feeling of excitement and gratitude with new skills to help women in their birthing journey-HypnoBirthing....Read the entire story here!

From a Nurse Midwife:
I am a Nurse Midwife in Boston. I have worked with many women using some form of self-hypnosis in birthing. I have seen varying degrees of relaxation. Last week, I was with a woman who used your technique and it sealed it for me, yours is the method that works!

I am interested in learning and taking teacher training in HypnoBirthing. While I certainly don't want to deprive another HypnoBirthing instructor of her livelihood, I want to be able to offer your method to women in my practice.

Please email me specifics or mail them to my home address:

Teri Godena, CNM
Cumberland, RI

A Midwife Tells of Her Own HypnoBirthing:
"I discovered HypnoBirthing before the birth of my own child and taught myself the method from the book and tapes because I could not take a class (I was living in Central America at the time)....Read the entire story here!

A Child Birth Educator For 25 Years- Excited over HypnoBirthing:
I discover how special HypnoBirthing is when my second HypnoBirthing client called me to her home. She was in labor. I got there around 9:30 am. She was progressing very rapidly in her labor and within an hour we were headed for the Hospital. Once settled the atmosphere around her birth was totally peaceful and serene. After only 20 minutes she began to "breathe down" her baby. The nursed had called the MD who stood in awe of the site of this amazing woman who at this stage of labor exhibited such calm and peace. I almost had to pinch myself to keep from telling her to push. Her baby was born at 12:14 to a room full of amazed care givers-including me!!! I am now a total believer.

-Helen Schilian

From an OB GYN, Physician

With a HypnoBirthing mom my job is just to be here and watch in case I'm needed. When a woman is doing this well there's no need to rush to do anything else.

-David Stevenson
Concord, NH


Last Updated: October 24, 2012

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