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HypnoBirthing-- Taking the Birthing World by Calm


An interview with HypnoBirthing Practitioner Kathryn Beck, Indiana




HypnoBirthing® : No Swinging Watch or Pain

In Marie Mongan's day, child birth meant a sterile, medicalized birth with drugs, and if you happened to be awake, lots of painful pushing.

"Most women were totally anesthetized and out cold, and their babies were taken from them with forceps, except for the very few who didn't make it to the hospital and had them by the side of the road," said Mongan, now 77.

So Mongan, then a young New Hampshire English teacher, devised her own way to circumvent the system when she had her four children in the late 1950s and 1960s. READ MORE


HypnoBirthing® - Preparing The Mind-Body For Birth
In this article the author provides some insight into the Mongan Method of HypnoBirthing®, which has been growing in popularity across the globe since its inception in 1989.

She goes on to explain, through the relatively new study of foetology, or prenatal psychology, on how unborn babies are aware of and do remember their birth, and the influence a mother’s thoughts and feelings have on how an unborn baby thinks and feels. Read More



Having a Baby on cloud nine; Mom is a fan of unique approach
Bridget Watoriek caught herself snoring between contraction during the birth of her son, Connor.

The Blenheim resident gave birth on Jan. 14 using a deep relaxation method called, HypnoBirthing, developed by U.S. award-winning hypnotherapist, Marie Mongan."
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Birth Bliss
"HypnoBirthers say their form of deep relaxation takes the panting and pain out of labor..."
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Have It Your Way:
Redesigning Birth

"After decades of letting doctors run the show, more women are taking big decisions into their own hands..." Read on


I swore I'd never be there, but my baby's birth was mesmerising
"Well, in the course of my research, I spoke to a number of birthing gurus, including Marie Mongan, the American creator of a program called HypnoBirthing that is sweeping through fashionable society moms in the United States faster than a Californian wildfire..."
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Hypnosis in the Delivery Room
"I enjoyed the experience a lot more and was a lot more present when I used HypnoBirthing..." Read on

HypnoBirthing® has also been featured on Good Morning America,
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Last Updated: August 21, 2012