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Founder, Mickey Mongan, teaching a class of participants
from many parts of the world at the 2010 Week-long
HypnoBirthing Institute classes

If you are seeking childbirth classes for labor and birthing or seeking a professional labor companion for your birth using HypnoBirthing, be sure that the person you have contacted has been trained and certified by the HypnoBirthing Institute. Ask to see his or her certificate to be sure that you are getting authentic HypnoBirthing instruction rather than an imitation. If you have questions or doubts, please contact us for verification of the practitioner's affiliation.

What a privilege to be both a midwife and a HypnoBirthing practitioner. I was so fortunate to be involved in Julie's pregnancy journey. At first she was a skeptic to HypnoBirthing, but overtime she embraced the HypnoBirthing philosophy. How wonderful to be on shift when Julie was birthing and assisting her as she confidently and gently birthed Grace into the world. So touched, felt so complete.

While it is professionally fulfilling to be a midwife, working with HypnoBirthing provides even more job satisfaction. Combining the two, leads me to have have the best job in the world...

Alison Braisted
Hertfordshire, UK

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