Birthing Stories


From a Father

When we started the HypnoBirthing class I read the stories and watched the videos of all these mums who, using this technique, had wonderful, apparently “easy” births and thought “gosh, this is amazing… does it work!?” It took me very little time to realize that HypnoBirthing was a technique that worked and worked well. The combination of breathing technique, visualization, confidence in the fact that, yes, we could do it made all the difference. We did our exercises virtually every evening for 3 months before the birth and very quickly Sophie would go in a deep state of relaxation but at the same time completely in control which to me, was the key.

On our way to the hospital Sophie was listening to the Rainbow Relaxation CD and I could see that she was already in deep relaxation, in the “zone”, her own personal space where she was in control of the pain associated with surges.  Once we arrived she got into the tub and, again, still listening to the CDs, she did her breathing exercise.

Several times the midwife said “this is amazing, this is amazing, you look so relaxed”. It is only 10 minutes or so before Quentin was born that the midwife said “do you feel that you need to push?” as until now, we thought that Sophie was only trying to relax, breathing slowly and deeply. In fact, she had been pushing and using the birthing phase breathing for probably 2 hours already!! This shows how relaxed and in control she was. Everyone was fooled! The result; no comfort measure was needed, not even one paracetamol.

I am grateful to Pauline for accompanying us through this journey using HypnoBirthing. I would say to all of those who are thinking of doing HypnoBirthing class, stop thinking and give it a go and if you do go for it then practice, practice, practice. What amazes me now is that, several months after we started the class, we can say: yes, it does work. Our story is another one to be added to the stories of all these other couples who have seen and experienced firsthand the benefits of HypnoBirthing.

-Franck David, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I honestly can’t think of anything that wasn’t helpful. I tried to think of something because I know you want to continue to improve, but it was all good."
-Catherine B., OR

The Birth of Juliette

"You were right, she looked right at me when I brought her to my chest. It was the most wonderful experience I've ever had." Read more


The Birth of Madelynn Hollis Morgan

"My body was made to birth..." Read more

The Birth of Frankie May Wadbrook-McLay

"Completely different experience to my first birth, which was awful and caused anxiety and depression during this pregnancy." Read more

"HypnoBirthing was a great fit for our family. My husband & I definitely felt the exhilaration that comes with knowing that we made this miracle. We worked so hard & accomplished exactly what we wanted together."         
                                             -Tracy McLellan, Canada


"I was with the Midwives in Bethesda, MD.  But was hospital bound for our delivery.  We were very skeptical of this and put myself on a long waiting list for a home birth with Birthcare in Alexandria, VA.  At 35 weeks pregnant I got a call and made it off the waiting list. I immediately switch to the homebirth.  It was the most wonderful and comfortable experience.  Homebirth combined with HypnoBirthing is the way to go.

A quick note about the labor.  When the midwife, student and birth assistant arrived my contraction were 5-3 minutes apart.  They though they might have arrived to soon because I was very calm and peaceful.  And it is son did not cry when he was born. He was so calm.  It was magical." 

                                    -Hannah Kerr, MD

"This was the most amazing experience! I won’t ever have another baby without it!   I’m actually considering having more because of it.

Other than my life in and of itself, HypnoBirthing (class & birthing companion) is perhaps the greatest gift my mother has ever given me.  I feel so blessed that she and my husband both were able to attend classes and in our own home!  I LOVE that private in-home classes were an option!  Bless you Nichole for being so flexible!  My husband and mom were also my birthing companions, right there with me all night, reading scripts, applying cold compresses, and were the first to welcome Chiara to the world.

This is THE method I will tell all new expectant families about!  Bless you Marie, and all of your beautiful instructors, and thank you all, for following your heart and living on purpose to bring comfort to the world!"
Essence Oyos-Haynes, CA

"I ended up having to have a c-section because I went to 42 weeks and my baby was in distress, but I went into the entire situation with quite a bit of knowledge about what was going to happen, what my choices were. In the end I didn't have very many choice because of my baby's vitals...but I was a lot calmer about not having a vaginal birth because the entire hospital staff was aware of my wishes and knew I was hoping for little to no intervention. I did use the HypnoBirthing techniques to get through a lot of the painful procedures leading up to the birth:
epidural, cervical check. In the end I didn't need any pain killers stronger than Motrin in the days after my surgery, and was up and
walking and back to running 2 miles a day 3 weeks after my delivery."

- J.S., OR

Just what I wanted.

It was a beautiful birth.  Just what I wanted.  I had had contractions starting around dinner on Saturday night, but they were far apart.  They continued all through the day Sunday, but HypnoBirthing helped me stay calm and just roll with it and they were not too painful. I even made three apple pies, as it was the last weekend the apples were out. I knew the baby would come by Monday morning, so I called my sister to stay overnight to watch my two year old when we went to the hospital.  By the evening my contractions were about 5-7 mins apart, but I wanted to get some rest so I went to bed.  At 2am my water broke, and I did some walking, and then took a long shower. As the contractions got more intense I alerted the doula, and my husband and I went for a walk by the beach. We only made it about halfway down the beach when I realized that the contractions were about 2 mins apart and it was getting very difficult to walk. We rushed back to the house, and called the midwife.  She said to go to the hospital immediately and we had the doula meet us there.

Our doula was very helpful.  She immediately put pressure on my back and helped get me to the delivery room.  I did not have to go to triage (with other moms screaming in pain, and having to sit strapped to a monitor) as I had in my first birth.  I went to a quiet dark room with only my midwife, a nurse, my husband, and the doula. I labored for only about two hours on the ball, in the shower, and just hanging on my husband before it was time to birth.  The midwife told me I had to push hard so I did.  Evan was a big baby and wasn’t coming easily.  But after about 10 minutes he came out with no tearing.  They put him on my stomach, and he immediately peed on me!  But, really, such a beautiful moment and a calm and happy birth.

-Willyanne Plosky, CT


A letter from a HypnoBirthing® couple

"I enjoyed the sessions very much not only because I felt I was learning but also because I felt you cared. You were also excellent at helping me develop confidence in my natural birthing abilities as well as helping me get rid of my fear." Read more

"Every pregnant woman should be exposed
to a class like this. I don’t believe many
women go into their births thinking that
it can be a great experience if armed
with the right tools!"

-Jessica Burckhard, NY

“Our birthing experience was very positive.  I was able to continue to use gently breathing past crowning until our baby girl was born.  The mid-wife sat on the floor, watched, and caught our baby as she came out.  The Obstetrician arrived about one minute after Amelia was born.  He then let me continue with gentle breathing to `breath down’ the placenta so there was no pushing at all.  Hence I had an easy recovery – no tearing, no stitches and no pain afterwards.  I would totally recommend HypnoBirthing to anyone who is prepared to put in the practice and preparation.  I should also say that my husband was brilliant, and that without his support and participation, I don’t think our experience would have been quite as positive.” 

                     -Michelle Rawson, Sydney, Australia

Luke Patrick Egan’s Birth Story

"He was a healthy boy; 8 lbs, 3 oz and 20.5 inches, so I am thankful that he decided to join this world at 38 weeks! Both Brendan and I couldn’t be happier with our birth experience, our beloved son and the entire VILLAGE of people that supported us in this birth. We feel so lucky to have had our second HypnoBirthing Baby, and I can’t wait to start spreading the good news to others when I begin teaching HypnoBirthing classes in a few months." Read more

"It was the most amazing experience in my life.  My second birth and far different to my first. I enjoyed this one. I was in control of my body and felt empowered. My daughter is very chilled out and I believe largely due to her birth. She slowly slipped out without a sound into this world. I would recommend HypnoBirthing to anyone and everyone."

                     -Nicole Jones, New Zealand

"I had wonderful experiences as a maternity nurse with women who delivered using HypnoBirthing techniques. Then, I was even more fortunate to take classes for the birth of my son and I was so happy with my birth- all 10lb 2oz and 24 inches of him!"

-Kate Cropp


A Second Time Around

"When we found out that I was pregnant a second time round I panicked and wasn’t happy about the whole situation of giving birth again as the first time was so vividly traumatic. So I decided to do something about the birth of our second baby, that something being HypnoBirthing." Read more

"I attended the couples HypnoBirthing course with Steve Griffiths (also instructor for the HypnoBirthing instructors course) two months prior to training. I subsequently gave birth one week following the instructors program. I utilized the philosophy and techniques during my pregnancy and had a profound sense of calm and confidence. My birth was very fast, taking one hour and twenty from first surge, and I birthed my baby in a quiet and serene mood.

I am delighted to be on this journey of teaching HypnoBirthing to couples and have a sincere belief in the simple and yet profound truths to the techniques."

                                           -Anouk Lloyd, UK

"I cannot rate it highly enough, it worked before,
during, and after the birth. I also feel that I am better equipped to deal with the stresses of a newborn
baby as I know how to relax. I plan to have more
children and will use this technique in future"

-Laura & Roger Kendall, England


"It was the best class I could take while preparing for my birth. The affirmations, scripts, visual aids (especially the opening blossom picture), CDs with relaxations (especially the Rainbow Relaxation) etc., were ALL so helpful. HypnoBirthing helped get me through my birthing. I am so thankful for everything that I learned. I plan on using it again with my future children as well! Also the instructor was very positive and ALWAYS willing to help when we needed. Thank you Carol for EVERYTHING…you are an inspiration to us all. We both enjoyed the class and am so thankful for your willing to educate and help with our birth!!!
                        -Susan Lemus, CA


HypnoBirthing Taught Me


It was 10pm when my husband Fraser just got in the door after being on the Singapore flyer an hour earlier. He was just in time, because at 10:30pm I started getting very intense surges, which were 2min. long and 2min. apart. I was ready to have my  first baby and my bag wasn't even packed. Fraser learned a lot about multi tasking that night. He was running around trying to pack my bag, periodically massaging my back, as well as calling Dr. Paul Tseng and Lauren (my doula). Meanwhile, I was rolling around on my birth ball and breathing deeply as I had learned to do in the HypnoBirthing classes. It was clear to Lauren, Dr. Paul, and myself that it was time to go to the hospital. I only made it far as the lobby before I was on all fours again, roaring like a lion! When I made it to the car, my water released and by midnight we were at the hospital. I really thought there was a chance the baby could be born in the car!


Upon arrival at the hospital (Thomson Medical Centre) Dr. Paul told me that I was fully dilated and I was going to meet my baby very soon. I started out on all fours and then moved to a birthing stool to allow gravity to work it's magic. Fraser was massaging my back, and Lauren was doing light touch massage on my arms while giving me gentle words of encouragement to breath my baby down. As each surge got more and more intense, I got very vocal and primal, breathing deeply between each one. Everything moved so fast and I got to the stage were I felt an overwhelming urge to push. The HypnoBirthing classes taught me to listne to my body and do what felt right for me, so I pushed hard for my baby to emerge. Fraser was told that she would come with the next surge, so he made a hilarious attempt to put on latex gloves that were far too small. We all had a good giggle! He then received Anya and put her straight on my chest at 12:33am. I squealed with delight at the sight of our bundle of joy. I couldn't wipe the grin across my face and mummy and daddy fell in love immediately. My birthing was unbelievably quick, and an amazing experience that I will never forget. HypnoBirthing taught me to release all my fears surrounding childbirth and really believe in my ability to birth my baby in the most positive way. Fraser, Lauren and Dr. Paul Tseng all helped me to have the natural birth that I envisioned, for which I am truly grateful. I feel that Anya got the best possible start in life.

                         -HB Parents, Singapore



"I love HypnoBirthing. HypnoBirthing totally worked for me. I had an amazing birth. I would do it again today.

 Everyone who sees me cannot believe
that I just gave birth.  My body and my baby did everything perfectly." 

-Gretchen Cheney, CT

The Birth of Hana

Awaking to a sharp pain and a rush of moisture, I knew our little one was going to be joining us soon. It was about 6:30 am on Saturday October 6th, after I got cleaned up a bit I asked my best friend, partner and papa-to-be, “Would you like to meet your daughter today?” His response was an emphatic “Yes, but I am going to sleep now, since I won’t get to sleep anymore” which only lasted a few minutes before his excitement got the better of him. We spent the next 3 hours getting things ready, making a few phone calls, resting and taking a walk around the neighborhood on a beautiful, cloudless day. I felt better moving then being still and sitting on the ball rocking. It was relaxing and peaceful, breathing with the surges and allowing my throat to open calling out to my Hana when the surges got more intense. Read more

"Our first daughter was born via c-section at 40.3 weeks. She was taken via c-section due to failure to engage.  We hoped to avoid a repeat c-section and turned to HypnoBirthing to help us achieve a VBAC.  Unfortunately, at 42 weeks, two full weeks past my due date we opted for a repeat c-section.  Again we had failure to engage, no dilation and minimal effacement.  Although we didn’t get to experience a natural vaginal birth HypnoBirthing was still helpful.  We started our classes at 22 weeks. This gave us 20 weeks of meditation and affirmations.  The daily practice sessions helped create a peaceful pregnancy.  I firmly believe our daughter’s calm demeanor is a direct result of the HypnoBirthing meditations."

- Michele Stange, AZ










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