From a Midwife

I have been attending births as a midwife for over 12 years. During that time I have attended primarily homebirths which in general are much more peaceful and gentle than hospital births. I became trained in water birth as well and found that to be even more peaceful and gentle still.

I discovered HypnoBirthing before the birth of my own child and taught myself the method from the book and tapes because I could not take a class (I was living in Central America at the time).

I did not want a short birth because after having practiced midwifery for over 10 years, I really wanted to "experience" birth and was not intent on getting it done quickly- I wanted time to enjoy it. When I tell other women this they think I am crazy!

So my birth began on Tuesday and I went about my work in my birth center with clients. The uterus was doing its job and not needing me for anything yet. Later that evening after getting home I prepared my birth supplies and got my birth pool ready. It was so relaxing in the pool I just listened to music and breathed and occasionally would stand up and sway with the music- that is my favorite memory of that time in the birth.

I do not have any memory of all the hours I was having surges- they are like a fog. I had no one with me so there was nothing to bring me out of myself. My membranes released in the morning and surges kept on throughout the day because I did not feel I could give birth in daylight- I knew I would wait until night came again- and I did. When I finally felt my baby move down the birth path I had tremendous pressure. With each surge these primal, guttural noises came out as I breathed him down to my perineum. I guided his head out with my hands and then waited for the next surge to come. Once it came he came floating out into the water and I reached down for him and pulled him to me.

I was so profoundly touched by my birth experience, which I consider birth in its purest form, that when I came back to the U.S. I became certified to teach HypnoBirthing.

I have since started teaching women HypnoBirthing. Most of these women have their babies at home so unfortunately the hospitals aren't being exposed to it. But the mothers are happy and have such positive and empowering experiences free from fear. My hope is that I can help many more women give birth joyfully and that they feel the tremendous empowerment that birth is meant to be.


Francesca Lauria, Midwife



Last Updated: October 24, 2012

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