From a Midwife

I have been teaching Marie Mongan's HypnoBirthing method for years. I am the midwife/owner of an independent homebirth practice for the last thirteen years and have been exposed to all the methods. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to offer the birthing public the best. I had been teaching traditional childbirth classes thru various local hospitals since 1989, but had always been disappointed by the lack of accurate information, and how the techniques so routinely touted and reinforced during classes, failed the birthing woman and her family, often setting up years of guilt and self-doubt. The HypnoBirthing method is the only one that really works for the birthing woman and her support team.

HypnoBirthing, when taught exactly how it is laid out in training and in the curriculum, works so well, that instructors and the birthing couples can't stop talking about it. Fathers and/or birth companions know exactly what to do to really help and when to do it, something I don't see anywhere else. HypnoBirthing is deceptively simple to accomplish because Marie Mongan has protected both the instructor and the students of her course by making sure that what is taught is consistent and well presented within the standard course outline.

Results that with HypnoBirthing, repeatedly include shorter labors, little or no fetal distress, little or no discomfort experienced by the birthing mother, a significant decrease in medical intervention--reducing cost and producing less stress on an already understaffed labor and birthing staff, and, of course, very happy birthing couples and content babies.

Women who use HypnoBirthing brag about their births, and are thrilled to offer help and suggestions about how HypnoBirthing  made them feel like they invented having babies. What a wonderful service to be able to offer every generation.

Marie Mongan's incredible method of childbirth preparation protected by its registered trade mark, HypnoBirthing, gives confidence to the public who seeks a certified practitioner that they can feel assured that their instructor is qualified to help them achieve the safe and gentle birth they are seeking.

Jennifer West, LM, CPM, HBCE, TBMP, CST, CH
Albuquerque, New Mexico



Last Updated: October 24, 2012