From a Midwife

Each day I work as a midwife, I have an immense feeling of excitement and gratitude with new skills to help women in their birthing journey-HypnoBirthing. I'm somewhat sad, but also relieved, to say that I can't teach the ordinary childbirth classes anymore for the Hospital I work at, as their language and teaching agenda is not my philosophy of Natural Normal Vaginal Birth. The use of instruments and drugs is no longer an acceptable norm.

I have another class of 6 weeks to teach and I shall explain to them the HypnoBirthing Philosophy and my dilemma with their classes. I did this with my last class, and two couples  have come into the HypnoBirthing classes instead. I'm sure my HypnoBirthing class reports will come through to you in due course, though I imagine you're inundated with hundreds each day.

I'm also so excited about hypnotherapy as a very healing therapy to help mothers and fathers; and have decided to study this field as soon as I can. There are some very reputable Hypnotherapy Institutes in Australia, and I shall enroll and begin this year.

I'm excited to say I have used the birth breathing techniques with a couple who had "failed to progress" at 10cm. She breathed her baby out so well I nearly missed the head crowning! She had extreme fear of the birth path and the pain she had been told about birthing. I used visualization and birthing affirmations to help her feel empowered to birth her baby. She will come to HypnoBirthing classes for her next baby, as she couldn't believe the ease with which the breathing and visualization had helped. It also prevented her having the Syntocinon IV being put up.

I've used the breathing and light touch message in a number of situations where there has been no time to do other preparation or teaching, and they have worked incredibly. Of course I don't say this is HypnoBirthing, but I encourage them to think of the whole program for their next birthing experience. If just those techniques can adjust their "pain experience" imagine how well it would go when the fear is gone from the mind and the whole body can relax and enjoy the birthing journey. A number of women have been fighting their surges, and this method of breathing has completely changed the experience for them!

The midwives at my hospital are very excited by some HypnoBirthing results and are very supportive, and refer parents to the classes. The numbers are increasing.

Thank you very much once again for this amazing opportunity to teach parents joy and spirituality of HypnoBirthing. I hope to gather some birthing experiences on video over the next few months to send to you as I've been asked to attend a few births if possible.

Fond Regards,
Mary Fortmann, Midwife



Last Updated: August 17, 2012

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