The Birth of Frankie May Wadbrook-McLay


I was so relaxed, positive and confident leading up to the birth that I wasnít aware of my labour starting. At first, I thought they were practice surges! As a result, I continued with my house cleaning, sat on birthing ball and relaxed with HypnoBirthing CDís. Wasnít timing contractions as didnít feel regular. Husband had gone to work because I had been ironing that morning and he didnít think I had started. Even asked me to get some milk while I was out!! At 3pm, I called him to say I was feeling uncomfortable and could he come home. Also called mum to collect son. She suggested, we go out for tea to take my mind off these early surges!! At 5:30pm, I decided I wanted to go to the hospital so I could get comfy and start my visualization, massage, and relaxation. We finally arrived at the hospital just after 6:30pm. On initial examination, the midwife accidentally broke my waters. To everyone's surprise, I was already 8cm dilated. The baby had already had her first poo, so I had to be monitored. I walked to the birthing room, got on the bed and 20 minutes later, Baby Frankie arrived!! The placenta delivered after a further 5 minutes. (I had requested the injection on my birth plan). Unfortunately, I had torn along the area of a previous episiotomy and so stitches were required. Apart from this, the birth would have been perfect. Was disappointed that I didn't have time for the well practiced massage from my husband. Iím sure heíll make up for it! Completely different experience to my first birth, which was awful and caused anxiety and depression during this pregnancy. Tracey is a star and I canít thank her enough for her counseling, support and positive attitude. Without her, and the course, I dread to think how differently I could be feeling both mentally and physically now. I highly recommend the course. 


Emma Wadbrook-McLay, England


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Last Updated: August 17, 2012