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Birthing Stories

  This page is devoted to our HypnoBirthing® parents and
  their babies.
  Pictures and stories have been submitted by the parents
  who birthed with HypnoBirthing®. We would be happy to 
  include yours.



"I was so impressed with the way my attitude toward birth changed. I started the class scared and skeptical, and now I am completely confident and excited about the birth of our first child.

I found HypnoBirthing a relaxing, natural way to birth a child.
The program has helped me to reclaim my power as a woman
and trust my body to do what it was designed to do."

Jody (UK)


I have celebrated my HypnoBirthing baby's first birthday today (October 16, 2010), and what an amazing journey we have been on together. I had an amazing time throughout my pregnancy and had a beautiful birth thanks to all the techniques I learned. People always comment on what a contented, happy baby he is. I just can't say thank you enough. I was absolutely petrified of birth after my first experience 14 years ago and now I could do it all again tomorrow!! My partner and I have been saying all today what a wonderful day our son's birth-day was, so special, spiritual, and wonderful. Since then I have obviously become a practitioner and I am teaching in the birth centre where I birthed. I feel so privileged to share HypnoBirthing with other parents, as I know others do.  A huge thanks to Marie Mongan, HypnoBirthing -The Mongan Method, of course, and all of you. -From my family and I.

Oh and I just purchased HypnoParenting CD. It is super!  I wish I'd have gotten it sooner as I really missed my affirmations and daily relaxation to that great music. Now I'm enjoying them again!!

From a HypnoBirthing® Family

Dear Debbie,

Just wanted to let you know we had the baby! I could not have done it without taking this class from you. I wanted to thank you for teaching such a good HypnoBirthing class. It was such an enjoyable experience for my husband and I both. Read more

I just wanted to take the time to thank Marie for writing the fantastic book 'HypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method'.

A month ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Helena, my second child, at a birth center at The Canberra Hospital in Canberra, Australia.

After a panicked, fearful and painful first labour with my son, I was in search of a new approach to giving birth. I didn't find your book until one month before my due date, and by this time it was too late for me to take part in a HypnoBirthing class, however the information I learned from reading your book, and practicing the techniques in the weeks leading up to her birth were invaluable. Helena was born intervention and drug free in a calm, peaceful environment, with the help of my husband and midwife, and I will be forever grateful to you for providing me with the tools to create such a wonderful environment and mindset for labour. It was a joyful experience, and I believe that by helping me to relax both during labour and leading up to it, it has contributed to my peaceful and contented little daughter, and to my quick recovery. I continue to use the relaxation techniques I've learnt now that I am the parent of two small children.

Thank you again - I will be recommending your techniques to my family, friends, and hopefully one day my own daughter.

Kindest regards,

Penny Boyd, Australia

"I loved my HypnoBirthing class.
There is  hope for women , babies
and families in  America."

- April Ouedraogo, CO

"Three midwives attended the birth of our daughter and all were very impressed by my ability to cope with labor.  The midwives almost didn't make it in time, because I was coping so well, I didn't realize how far I had progressed until my water broke when I entered "transition." The skills my husband and I learned in HypnoBirthing gave us confidence and greatly eased my birthing experience.  I feel such gratitude for my instructor and the program in general.  Throughout my labor I kept reciting my favorite affirmations to myself, and I never felt any fear.  Looking back on my experience fills me with joy and pride."

-Claire Graca, Canada

Before and After the Birth

"Thanks for the truly informative classes which are not only changing our perspective and culture on birth, but also greatly offering a better quality of life for our soon to be born child from the very beginning. You do good work, Debi, and we appreciate it."

The most spectacular thing happened this morning...(Feb. 6, 2008) Ansel Oden was born a little after 5:00am! His birth was a fast 4 hours, peaceful, and healthy. It was beautiful and amazed us with its nature.

We arrived around 2:00am last night and were back at home by 2:00pm this afternoon. We are all now hanging out and bonding. My how much we love him already.

"We had an amazing experience. We owe the positive nature of our experience with bringing our son into this world to our connection to you, your class, and HypnoBirthing®. Thanks
so much, Debi!"

-Khahtee & Jackson, Brooklyn, NY


My labor started early in the morning, and was pretty much unaware of it. When the surges started to get stronger I just used the breathing I learned and focused. At about 7pm I was 7/8 cm, from then got into the pool, kept my focus through what Cath had taught me and breathed my baby out, it didn't hurt hardly at all, it was quite  orgasmic in a word! it felt nice. I caught him and brought him to my chest. I felt amazing, I'd done it, just lying there cuddling my new son, I burst into tears of joy!.

I believe that HypnoBirthing made all the difference to me, Cath was brilliant, and couldn't wait to tell her how well I'd done, so well the Midwife kept telling me I was so quiet!! Now after having this experience I'd love to have another baby using this method, and video this time!!

-Julie Hall, UK

I Knew I Wanted to Do HypnoBirthing

I knew from the beginning that wanted to do HypnoBirthing. I have had friends use it in the past, and I’ve heard nothing but great stories about it. I approached my practice of HypnoBirthing with positive thoughts and warded off all negative comments from others, replacing them with positive thoughts to reinforce the fact that I could do this. I couldn’t wait to actually give birth and experience using HypnoBirthing in its truest form to show all the “nay-sayers” that it could be done. Read more



For us the birth was an insanely beautiful experience! As I was having regular tightness in my belly- in the womb area I went to the hospital, was examined and the midwife said my cervix was already 9 cm. Which was super! From this time on we spend about 3 hours (from these, 1 hour and 15 minutes in the tub until our daughter Leonie came into the world. Between surges I could relax wonderfully, the special breathing, and the warm water where very relaxing for me. It was a unique experience and we can recommend HypnoBirthing to everyone, since one can prepare themselves perfectly.

 -Loan Kutter, Switzerland


"I'm actually pregnant and am in Love with your program, so empowering and really affirms what I 'know' somewhere inside me."     




While I was not able to stay with the specific HypnoBirthing techniques later in labor, the classes and relaxation techniques did help in preparing me mentally for the labor and in the early stages.  I had had a c-section with my first child, so this was a successful unmedicated VBAC, which was wonderful.  The confidence that HypnoBirthing gave me helped me fully know that my body was still able to birth naturally.  My daughter who I had the c/s with never nursed well, but this time, my son is doing wonderfully, I can’t help but think it’s b/c of having a natural birth.

-Lael Dowd, VA

Here is my birthing story

"Before I start, it is pertinent for all who read this to understand that my son is truly a miracle baby. According to 3 doctors, and many not so fun tests, I was told I would never be able to bear children. I
had a horrible case of crohns disease, cervical dysplasia and was supposed to be infertile. Being a maternal person who always wanted children, I did not accept no for an answer. Lucky for me, being stubborn can come in handy sometimes." Read more

I Don’t Have Just A Favorite Part of The Birth But Many Favorite Parts

This birth story is about our 3rd child – Christian Luke Robinson. My due date was 10/8.  At 11:30 pm of that night I was complaining that nothing exciting happens to put me into labor, my surges usually just start.  On 10/9 at 12:30 am as I was headed to the bathroom my water actually released!  I was really excited even as my surges started strong - 5 minutes apart 15 minutes after my water broke.  I really wanted to trim the labor time down to my wish time of 6 hours...Read more


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