Table of Contents

Foreword by Lorne Campbell, M. D.
A Message to Parents
The Birth of Natural Childbirth
The Birth of HypnoBirthing
Taking the Birthing World by Calm: The Philosophy of HypnoBirthing
"What  Ees All Dees Stuff?" The Power of Simplicity
From Celebration to Fear: A History of Women and Birthing
How Fear Affects Labor
Releasing Fear
The Power of the Mind
Falling in Love with Your Baby
Selecting Your Caregivers and the Birthing Environment
Preparing Your Mind and Body for Success
Breathing Techniques
Relaxation Technniques
Visualization Techniques
Ultra-Deepening Techniques
Perineal Massage
Getting Ready to Welcome Your Baby
When Baby is Breech
Before Labor: When Baby is Ready
Letting Your Baby and Your Body Set the Pace
When Nature Needs Assistance
Childbirth--A Labor of Love: Prelude to Labor
Affirmations for Easier, Comfortable Birthing
How the Body Works with You and For You
Settling in at the Birth Center or Hospital
The Onset of Labor
As Labor Advances: Thinning and Opening
Slow or Resting Labor
Nearing Completion
Experiencing Birth: Breathing Love, Bringing Life
Positions for the Birthing Phase
Crowning and Birthing
Post-Birth Activities
The Fourth Trimester
Breastfeeding is Best Feeding
Appendix: Birth Preference Sheets
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