Catch the Wave!!

Dear HypnoBirthing® Friends:

I am happy to present to you, in the form of a heading for our special Conclave bulletin, a view of our new Mongan Method HypnoBirthing focus-CATCH THE WAVE!!

The WAVE is so symbolic in birthing. We teach of the WAVE that occurs when birthing muscles reach down and draw back the lower muscles and gently nudge the baby forward; when they talk of their surges, women refer to the energy of the WAVE that envelops them.; some women refer to riding the WAVE as they flow through each surge: some see themselves going down beneath the WAVE to the calmness below during the crest of labor; we talk of drifting away to where the baby is and birthing with your baby; and baby experiences the sway of the Wave of water that surrounds and sustains him in the womb.

We are definitely riding the birthing WAVE to the fullest, and the ripples are being felt around the world. Just today, The Duchess of Cambridge and I are linked by her interest in HypnoBirthing (spelled correctly). Also today, in New York City people are reading of Mongan Method HypnoBirthing in The Daily News. In just a few days, they will be reading of us in a parent magazine in Russia. Next week in The Netherlands, practitioner students will learn of the WAVE. Soon plans will take shape to bring our message to hundreds in Mexico. Yes, I said hundreds.

From the marketing view-We are, indeed the WAVE of the future in birthing education; and we do offer the most comprehensive educational programs for birthing and beyond. Take a good look at the wealth of education that is listed in this bulletin. We invite you to ride the WAVE with us. I looked up the meaning of the expression CATCH THE WAVE and learned that it means to take advantage of what is given to you to help you advance in life and spirit.

I could go on and make reference to all kinds of WAVE slogans, but I'll stop here with the wish that all of you will join the power of the WAVE!! See you in D. C.

Bring the kids, it will be the best civic education they could possibly get. I still remember my first visit at 5 years old.

Love to you all,

Catch the Wave!!


Mongan Method HypnoBirthing®

The Wave of the Future in Birthing Education

Offering the Most Comprehensive Educational Program for Birthing & Beyond....

Come Ride the Wave With us!


2013 International Educational Conclave 


Keynote SpeakerRobert Otto, CEO and President
International Assoc.of Counselors & Therapists
Featured Plenary Session SpeakerM. Ron Eslinger, R.N., Cap't. U.S. Navy, Retired

This bulletin is designed to 'whet' your appetite for the education you will find at:

The Hampton Inn October 4, 5, & 6
Dulles Airport Washington, D.C.

Conclave Highlights

Add a new dimension of professionalism to your birthing career by becoming certified in these areas that are fast becoming the new wave in birthing

Pre- and Post-Conclave Certificate Workshops that distinguish us as leaders in birthing education for the future (All offerings qualify for Professional Development Units for recertification)

  • HypnoBirthing Practitioner - 4 days (B-Back - 2 days or 4 days)
  • Fertility Consultant Certification for Non-Hypnotists - 2 days
  • Infant Massage - 2 days
  • Training Birth Professionals to Support HypnoBirthing Parents - 1 day
  • HypnoBirthing Professional Doula Certification for non-Hypnotists - 3 days
  • HypnoMothering - Easing into The Role of Parenting - 1 day
  • Parts Therapy - 2 days - Taught by the Master himself, Roy Hunter
  • The Art of Self-Promotion: How to Navigate On-line Resources - 2 days - Corporate Trainer
  • Dunstan Baby Language, Newborn Care and Breastfeeding Certification Class - 2 days

Free 90-minute Conclave Seminar Offerings:

  • Managing Your Own Emotional Energy Account
  • The Dave Elman Hypnosis Initiation
  • How to get your First (and second) 50 Clients
  • Pre-birth strategies to help the child unfold into his true self
  • Creating Scripts for Special Circumstances
  • Optimizing the Esdaille State for Birthing and Pre-surgery
  • Expanding Your Practice through Social Media
  • Sleep Talk® - Using Sleep Time to Aid in Your Child’s Development
  • An Introduction to Dunstan Baby Language
  • Healing Emotionally after a Difficult Birth
  • "Audacity": The Mother of Success in creating CDs
  • Introduction to Parts Therapy
  • Changing the Birth Outcome for Women with PTSD
  • Assisting the Development of the Incarnate Soul
  • Learn to Enjoy the Dawn with Prana Breathing
  • Birth: A developmental Experience for the Child
  • Increase Counseling Success with Integrated Eye Movement Therapy
  • Listen to your Doctor!

Three-Hour Workshops ($25):

  • Essentials of Aromatherapy
  • Optimizing the Esdaille State
  • Creating a Power Point - Be sure It’s Powerful

Bring Your Family and Explore Washington D.C. - It's a Family Vacation You Will Never Forget!!

Here is just a taste: