~ Bringing the Dawn Change in Birthing ~

Seminar Descriptions


Prenatal Bonding—The Need for Early Classes
Barbara Decker, HBCE, HCC, CD, BA

General Audience
Since the 1980’s some very fine Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Perinatologists have been performing research that shows our babies are much more aware, intelligent, sensitive, and responsive to forces outside of the womb. However, medical students have been taught for years that babies are basically “autistic” till after birth. If that is the case, how many of our mothers realize how important their loving impact is on the growth of their babies? How the gestational environment can’t impact their brain growth? Is it toxic womb or a loving womb? This information is extremely important to future generations of humans. Therefore, this is the beginning of connection in the womb, my “Bringning the Dawn of Change” to a new type of mothering starting before conception to early pregnancy education.

Paying attention to bonding with our babies in the womb can make a difference in the way we treat each other and the world.

Kangaroo Mother Care
Kim Wildner, HBCE, CH

Childbirth Educators, Doulas, Nurses, Doctors, Midwives, Hospital Administrators
The benefits of Kangaroo Care for premature infants exist for all infants. In this presentation, you will learn at what constitutes ‘Kangaroo Care’, where our current practice of separation of mother and baby came from, and how the components of Kangaroo Care are just as beneficial to full-term infants.

Changing The Way We Think About The Pelvic Floor
Candace Garrett, E-RYT, RPYT

General Audience
Female pelvic floor anatomy and function is a misunderstood and often overlooked part of female health, particularly in the childbearing year. Most prenatal women will not have any pelvic follow-up care in the postpartum and are taught that incontinence is not only normal, but can be treated with Kegels, an exercise which is also misunderstood.

The goal of this seminar is to educate women, yoga teachers and birth professionals about the complex anatomy of the female pelvic floor and how it relates to birth, the postpartum, and urino-genital and sexual health. We will discuss what Kegels are, and what they are not. Explore new pelvic floor exercises and discover the important difference between a “hyper-tonic” and “hypo-tonic” pelvic floor.

Evidence for Changing The Birthing Phase
Jennifer Elliott, B Ed, HBCE

HypnoBirthing Practitioners
Too often a HypnoBirthing mother’s one regret for her birth is that she pushed, instead of more gently breathing her baby out. This interactive workshop is for all Practitioners and will focus on using our collective wisdom, and experience, to help us better prepare women and their birth companion for the Birthing Phase. This seminar will include an overview of research on mother directed pushing, a review of Birth Breathing, a rehearsal of the Birthing Phase, small group work and a hypnosis session.

Thought Field Therapy
Sonia Richards, HBCE, BSc, MSc

General Audience
Have you ever had a client where everything that you try will not shift their negative mind-set and you are struggling to know what to do next? Ever had that situation with yourself even? Thought Field Therapy is an amazingly quick way of shifting those negative thought patterns and effect change. So how does it work? Is it magic? Well it kind of is if you believe magic relies on movement of electrical and magnetic energy within the body.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is sequential tapping procedure which provides a code to nature's healing system. When TFT is applied to problems it addresses their fundamental causes, balancing the body's energy system, and allows you to eliminate most negative emotions or fears within minutes. If you want to find out more about this amazing therapeutic modality that is completely safe and easy use and can be easily taught to children as well as adults, then come along and find out more and have a try for yourself.

Learn How to Communicate with Baby in Dunstan Language
Di Bustamante, HBCE, CH, CD

General Audience
The understanding of infants cries will aid childbirth educators with the tools they need to support the parents they teach. In this seminar you will learn 5-cries that babies have from birth - their own language already intact in birth. Included will be the basics for, breastfeeding, burping babies, how to help babies sleep, and eliminate lower wind.

Chiropractic Care- The Vitalistic Approach
Dr. Vivian Keeler, HBCE, CD, CH

General Audience
In this session, Participants will be introduced to the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic and the vitalistic approach to wellness. In particular, a focus on its benefits during pregnancy, birth and in making conscious choices for parenting will be explored. Causes of dystocia, birth trauma and Webster Technique will be investigated. Participants will learn how they can partner with Doctor's of Chiropractic to bring positive change to their communities.

Birthing Yoga-- Awakening the Essentials of Womanhood
Phyllis Fisher, HBCE, CD, BS

General Audience
In this seminar, participants will be introduced to the history, fundamentals and purpose of three yogic principles: Yogic Poses or Exercises, Yogic Breathing, Yogic Relaxation and Meditation, for increasing flexibility of the body and freeing the body and mind of energy blocks for healthy and blissful birthing. This presentation is uniquely designed to include the Yogic principles and to help any woman sail through Conceiving, Pregnancy, Birthing and Postpartum. Using delightful classical yoga demonstrations and calling for practitioners, participants, and discussion will be the presenters format. Each Yogic principle will also include historical relevance, evidence based research, emotional support and theoretical insight to help portray the truthful essentials and benefits of yoga.

Self-Hypnosis—A Tool for Change
Jean Stouffer, HBCE, CHt

General Audience
"Self-hypnosis, A Tool for Change" is a workshop for the general audience, although HypnoBirthing Practitioners might find it useful in helping their clients become more comfortable and skilled at entering into trance. In this seminar, Jean will discuss/set straight many of the commonly-held myths about hypnosis, and will explore what constitutes a trance state. You will also investigate the many ways that we all enter trance whether deliberately or spontaneously - and how you can utilize that skill to improve the quality of our lives. You will be given the opportunity to practice self-hypnosis, with trouble-shooting to follow.

Releasing Emotions with Eye Movement Therapy
Steve Griffiths, HBCE

Integrated Eye Movement Techniques (IEMT) add an elegant and effective set of tools that gives existing therapists the ability to show clients that change can happen quickly. The techniques enable a client to disconnect unhelpful emotions from past memories and experiences. It therefore assists and strengthens the therapeutic process as a result.

The feedback from this workshop was extremely positive last time it was run, and so it is being offered again due to popular demand.

Getting the Sun to Shine on Your Business
Marie Berwald, HBCE, CHt, BA

General Audience
Finding new clients is something many struggle with. Referral marketing is one of the most effective ways of getting new clients without need to invest large sums of money. Your past clients can be your greatest resource -- truly a gold mine -- if you learn how to leverage their influence. That's what this workshop is all about. Learn how to create word-of-mouth buzz, turn past clients into unofficial promoters and create the lasting relationships that generate new clients.

HypnoBirthing Semantics
Morrin Bass, HBCE, PhD, MBA, BCH

General Audience
Communication is not just words. Communication is intention. Morrin Bass has been teaching hypnosis classes and studying uses of hypnotic language for over a decade. She will be sharing the latest finding in semantics with those who want to be a better professional and really make a difference in creating the outcome using the language. This knowledge will elevate  the awareness about language patterns from every day speech to the message that creates mood, inspire, or motivate. Imagine if everyone would suddenly become very aware, precise, and efficient in what and how they talk, or write, what subtle meanings their communications might actually. Then there will be no more resistant clients, moms who aren't motivated to practice HypnoBirthing techniques. Knowing what Morrin has prepared for you, next time you have to write and email, or to speak to a client composing sentences becomes a breeze. Attend this seminar to use your intention, be facile in positive and negative framing to create hypnotic meaning, phrasing that creates impact.

Six Concepts of Bringing Change to Maternity Care
Kim Wildner, HBCE, CH
David Wildner

Nurses, CNMs, Doctors, Childbirth Educators
41 countries now have lower material mortality rates than the U.S. 45 countries have lower infant mortality rates. Part of the problem is that 2/3 of routine procedures in the U.S. maternity care are not evidence-based. By applying quality assurance measures such as SIPOC, can we improve outcomes?  In this presentation, attendees will be introduced to concepts used in Quality Assurance programs though presentation, and will participate in troubleshooting known problems through use of the newly learned ideas.

The Gentle Cesarean Plan with HypnoBirthing Techniques
Sharon Gourlay, HBCE, CHt, HBIMI, BA

HypnoBirthing Practitioners who are also hypnotherapists
HypnoBirthing techniques can be used for mothers who require a Cesarean Section. Relaxation, Breathing, and Hypnosis all have the ability to create a gentle reality for high risk mothers. During this session learn how to apply HypnoBirthing tools in a different way to support Cesarean Section families. These techniques are a natural complement to the Gentle Cesarean created in England. As hypnotherapists we can help mothers prepare for calm birthing through a surgery/recovery script and fear release. In learning this apporach participants will be able to educate and support families on how to create a gentle Cesarean Section.

Bringing the Dawn of Change with Prana Breathing
Sarojini Alva, HBCE

General Audience
Prana breathing revitalizes the body, steadies the emotions and creates great clarity of mind. With the hectic pace of today's life, caring for our health is taking a back seat. In this presentation you will learn easy, powerful yogic breathing exercises for a healthier body and increased physical and mental energy. Learn a powerful way to open, activate energy, and balance all of your chakras and keep your body and mind in total health. Sarojini blessed with wisdom from the east will share the power of Prana breathing and Chakra healing meditations. Attendees will go through a powerful process specially desinged for HypnoBirthing Practitioners to release blocks and access the wisdom and inner power to be financially abundant and reach their fullest potential.



Last Updated: October 02, 2012

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